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CONTRIBUTION · 2nd April 2014
Jim Townsend
When the rcmp tried to murder my family, they simply charged me to cover it up. i wrote official letters of complaint to the ombudsman and the rcmp. on both occasions, Dan Wendland and Henry Proce, who harassed us from our properly licensed mining claims, simply changed what i wrote and charged me with what they wrote. i was in court for 55 malicious prosecutions and was found not guilty. being lead away from court in chains, Henry Proce sat there smiling saying "how's your system working for you Mr. Townsend?" That was at my first trial that I had just won... and went back to maximum security in chains. After beating all the phoney charges I wrote to Wendland and asked him if he was now going to investigate the attempt to murder my family. His written response; 'in your dreams asshole.' When i posted his response to the internet and asked him if he had anything else to say, he replied; 'keep it up, i hope you like concrete rooms. I love it when my setups work on stupid people.' Kidnapping disabled people without warrants, assaulting them while doing so, gang stalking them, laying phoney charges... are a set up? That is outright criminal behaviour. So who do you turn to for help when you have this kind of shit to deal with? It is horrific how the RCMP treat their own members. How would you like to lead our lives? We are both disabled and have been gang stalked by this Wendland character since 1996 when he refused to investigate a burglary where our entire home based computer business was stolen.

In 1996, the RCMP announced they needed to clamp down on the internet to stop all the child porn on the internet. I thought they were good guys and being a computer professional I trace routed a lot of the crap and gave a three inch thick report to the RCMP complete with pictures and even addresses of the people who were putting this stuff on the internet. They took the report and said they would give it to the serious crimes division and get back to us. They never did. Less than two months later we were broken into and lost all our computers. Dan Wendland never investigated and we ended up coming under attack by every govt office we dealt with. Canada Revenue Agency completely destroyed us with phoney estimates. The same Surrey RCMP lost all three witness reports to a serious accident that nearly killed my wife and daughter. For some strange reason the RCMP dropped them off at home instead of taking them to the hospital after the accident and my wife could not get out of bed for a week.

What we subsequently discovered was that it was the RCMP putting the porn on the internet and our lives have been absolute shit ever since. So bizarre in fact as to be unbelievable and yet i have absolute proof since I have gotten so many files back under the Freedom of Information Act. I wrote a software emulation of a human brain and I have put all this information in my application, which I used to put together two writs of Habeus Corpus to free myself from the system even though I had been found not guilty of the phoney charges Wendland laid to cover it all up.

If Wendland and Proce were not responsible for the attempt to murder us, why did they change what I wrote and charge me with what they wrote? Balance of probabilities?

Like these women who were molested by the RCMP who also put porn in their desks, who do you turn to when the people who are supposed to protect you attack you instead? Is our story any different than that of these women? Than that of Ian Bush, the young kid they executed in the jail cell? Or Dijieanski or Weibo Ludwig? Or the thousands and thousands of other Canadians who have been attacked by these people?

Do we think writing about this will help? Absolutely not. The Ombudsmans Office never bothered to investigate after Wendland charged me to cover up his crimes. Everybody always assumes the worst when the RCMP follow you around gang stalking you. But if I am such a criminal, how come I have no criminal record and the only thing the RCMP could think of to charge me with was my official complaint to the Ombudsman that they rewrote and charged me with what they wrote? The second set of charges was so they could arrest me and hold me without a bail hearing so I could not go to Supreme Court for my hearing to get my mining claims back. Since I was in jail, my wife and daughter went to the hearing and were told that they could not act as my representative and the court said the case had been indefinitely adjourned by 'mutual consent'. I was the other party and I did not consent and neither did my wife. I finally wrote a letter to the Crown Prosecutor, Leah Greathead and told her to drop the appeal since we were afraid the RCMP were going to murder us. And what evidence did the Gold Commissioner Lisa Nye have to determine that I had my mining claims for non-mining purposes? Pictures of my sluice and dredge and rock samples. These are proof of non-mining purposes? When I mentioned this at my first trial, Proce changed his story and said I was harassed because I had a permanent structure on the property... an 8x10 bath shack sitting on board ends that I trotted off with a trailer and pick up truck. That's a permanent structure?

Oddly enough I was first put in jail for making a video about CRA seizing my disability cheque while I was on house arrest in a remote location. We had nothing to live on and it was a crime for CRA to do this to us. We subsequently found out Proce had been talking to them and telling them not to approach us as we had court orders not to go near public servants. An outright lie he was telling to gang stalk us while I was already on house arrest. While in prison, CRA re-assessed my wife for 2008, saying she owes them 257,000.00 for 2008, a year in which we made less than 12,000.00 in disability payments. That is a tax rate of 2400%. We have not been able to legally work for years in this country without all the money we make simply being seized.

I can not count the number of death threats we have received over the years after the RCMP have followed us from community to community making up the most hideous lies. The bullets through my motor home were not the first time we were shot at, but the first time that they actually fired through my home.

Will Wendland and Proce ever be brought to Justice? Wendland laughs about it and small wonder, our appeal to Paulson fell on deaf ears and he did all he could to aid and abet the crimes. Paulson said he did investigate and found the bullets in the motor home 'came back negative'. Oh well, there you go. Negative bullets, positive holes. Throw me in prison and the case is solved.

Are the RCMP going to murder us and then make up some phoney story that I am psychotic, delusional and violent? Well, that is what they tried to say in court already.

How about these three hundred victims? Psychotic, delusional and violent?

PTSD? You have no idea what it is. When my wife and I went to the White Valley Centre in Lumby and saw the Psychologist Louisa McDowell and asked her to talk to CRA to get our cheque back, she said the conversation was like something out of a movie. Then we found out from FOIA that she had called CRA and told them that we could be a risk even though she had witnessed the bizarre circumstances for herself. We could not figure out why she sent us an email asking us who owned the list of vehicles. (She sent us a list of vehicles, which we recognized immediately were a list of our children's vehicles and had nothing to do with us and I believe it was CRA's covert way of telling us they were stalking our children.) We subsequently found out that Henry Proce was on the White Valley Board of Directors. So much for doctor/patient confidentiality.

When i can not move under my blankets I am right back under that tractor. Can i get a medical marijuana licence even with over four dozen broken bones and much more traumatic soft tissue injury and the arthritis I have as a consequence? No friggin way. And what good is a license from the Crown anyway? All my mining claims were properly licensed. And my wife who was terrified when the bullets missed our son by less than two feet? I listen for the tell tale signs that a nightmare is coming on so I can roll over and hug her and tell her she is OK before I am torn awake by screams as she dreams the bullets are flying through our home.

We still live in the high alpine behind a mountain where the RCMP can not just drive by and attempt to murder us in our sleep and we avoid going any where like the plague since we don't want to be harassed on the road. All of this has been fastidiously documented and presented to the Supreme Court of BC by affidavit on June 28, 2012 and November 2, 2012.

I write a software emulation of a human brain and have had many courses in psychology in my attempt to unravel the mysteries of it. One can hardly program something they do not have intimate knowledge of. I know the difference between rational justified fear and unjustified paranoia. These 300 women have rational fears after being targeted for submitting official complaints to the RCMP complaints commission? Or are they simply paranoid?

When the RCMP destroy your reputation in a community, they destroy your ability to carry on commerce and feed your family. Hiding behind their authority and calling everyone you deal with, they carry on a covert secret war while you appear crazy writing letters to defend yourself against constant accusations. The story is much much worse than the little I have conveyed here.

Will the RCMP eventually kill us with this constant attack? Of course. Pig Farmer Paulson announced the RCMP is one scandal away from extinction and yet his strategy is to keep burying the scandals and attacking the victims. Seems more the actions of a criminal covering his crimes than a cop. From Sgt. in what these women RCMP victims call the 'old boys club' to Head of the entire RCMP? Thats uh, quite the promotion. Is that the same Paulson that was lead investigator in the Pickton murders? Oh, hey, same guy. And what did Galliford say they did when they were supposed to be investigating Willie Pickton with the Vancouver Police. Oh yeah. Watched porn and then went drinking at a Strip Joint. Well if that doesn't qualify you to head up the Porn Pigs in Red Serge, I can't see what would.

Do I have a serious case of "I-don't-give-a-fuckinitis"? Probably. Comes from having two decades of unmitigated misery and not a hope in Hell. And the new BC Office to independently investigate RCMP crimes? Any hope there? LOL. They had already determined that the RCMP charges against me were legitimate a month before I went to my first trial. That was when the RCMP lost in court and the Judge ruled my official complaint to the Ombudsman was not a threat and no reasonable man would think so. So much for those 'legitimate charges'. If they were legitimate.. how did they lose? And the other barrage of legitimate charges laid to prevent me from going to court in a conspiracy to pervert the course of Justice? Thrown out the moment the hit the Supreme Court Prosecutors desk. The new office is just as much a charade as the old.

Will the RCMP finally now charge their officers who are obviously responsible for very serious crimes or will my wife and I be found dead and accused of being the most hideous villains on the planet? That's pretty well a no brainer isn't it?