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COMMENTARY · 17th April 2014
Sunday, April 20, 2014 Terrace will see Multi- Millionaire Bob Erb host Terrace’s second 420 Rally on the steps of the Terrace Provincial Supreme Court House on Kalum Street and Loen Avenue.

After winning 25 million dollars in the Lotto Max, Bob Erb, a life long Cannabis activist and political candidate running under the Marijuana Party Banner, has devoted a significant portion of his winnings to spread the word on the harmlessness of the product itself. In fact the only identifiable harm, demonstrated by Canada’s most extensive Royal Commission ever held; the Le Dain Commission initiated by former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, was the prohibition itself.

Supreme Court of Canada Justice Gerald Le Dain, a Dean of the Osgoode Hall Law School, led the inquiry. Head researcher of this three year long Royal Commission, was Dr. Ralph Miller. The conclusion of this, the world’s most extensive study ever done on the effects of all drugs, was the most harmful substances were, and still are, alcohol and tobacco. The only identifiable harm from the use of Cannabis and LSD, as these were the two substances Trudeau issued the Royal Commission primarily to study, was how the University students using these substances would be prohibited from becoming a lawyer, doctor or other professional from a potential arrest or record due to the prohibition/illegality.

Bob Erb has spent most of his life attempting to spread this factual knowledge and since his good fortune of taking the ticket a cashier mistakenly issued; a Lotto Max instead of his requested 6/49 ticket, Erb has spent literally millions of dollars in this effort. He sends money all across Canada to assist other communities to host their own 420 Rally’s. He develops and prints posters, ships tens of thousands of buttons, Tee shirts, signs and various other paraphernalia in support.

This Easter Sunday April 20 - 4/20 - he will be present at the Terrace Court House making the point once again.

The greatest challenge to this effort is the 80 plus years of outright lies and the massive Main Stream Media campaign to spread mis-information. Beginning a conversation on this subject with individuals who have trusted their educators, elected officials, the RCMP and the media to be completely honest and forthcoming with the truth, when the opposite is the reality concerning the “Drug Wars” and the value of “Prohibition” is difficult to say the least. Even though, over 40 years ago after Canada’s most extensive Royal Commission ever, proved beyond any doubt how harmless the substance is and how the only true harm was the prohibition, the deception continues.

Henry Ford built a car entirely out of hemp, body panels, interior, etc, and even ran it on hemp fuel. Prohibition extends past the drug issue to restrict one from making their own fuel via a still, which can be fed with waste hemp material. The oil and media industries are behind the sustained prohibition and have been since the 1930's.

""Anything that can be made from a Hydro Carbon can be made from a Carbo Hydrate".

Join Bob Erb and the rest of the reasoned community of Terrace at the Court House steps in Terrace this Sunday at 3:00 pm. Of Course the event will reach the crescendo at 4:20 pm after Bob Erb and others will have assisted in providing more information. Flags will be flying, buttons and other items made available.

Find more information at and always check out the website for the best store in Terrace Deviant Fibres - at

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Now there's a real man with real guts
Comment by Larry on 22nd May 2014
Even though I have never had the pleasure of meeting him.....Bob Erb is showing all of us what real leadership is about. He has absolutely nothing to gain by taking this public position but has gone out of his way to express is opinion. Thanks M.r Erb