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P.S.A.'S · 29th June 2014
Today, July 1, is Bob Erbs Birthday. What do you get a guy that won 25 million dollars? Well I thought about it long and hard. I can get him a thank you card!

Thank you Bob for spending over $300,000 at the local dentists offices and sending hundreds of local residents who were suffering from bad teeth (including me) to those offices.

Thank you Bob for staying in Terrace/Thornhill and sharing your good fortune with almost every service organization.

On behalf of your neighbours in Thornhill, thank you for the new driveways and roofing you provided without condition, just for being a neighbour.

And thank you for spending time and money fixing up buildings and homes in various neighbourhoods increasing the value and visual charm everywhere. And on that topic, thank you for not just spending your money on the property you own, but on all the surrounding properties.

Thank you for the new vehicles you purchased for so many people, those who you knew, even those you didn’t. You see good in people and see an opportunity to provide where the person could really use it.

Thank you for showing the world how great a place the Northwest is by demonstrating compassion beyond compare. This was most remarkably shown when you wrote a gentleman a $10,000 cheque in Saskatchewan so he could go be with his daughter who was living with cancer.

Thank you for accepting the CBC interview request and being the honest, straightforward guy you are. You stayed true to your nature even with the millions of Canadians listening.

Thank you for all the incredible work you did in Rosswood; the Community and individuals. Rosswood is a better place today, just like Thornhill and Terrace because of your amazing generosity.

Thank you Bob for devoting millions of dollars towards the decriminalization of Cannabis and Hemp. The only thing criminal is criminalization of such a useful plant.

And Thank You Bob for being the same guy you were before you won the lottery. You gave away your hard earned labour dollars before you became a multi-millionaire - only today you give away so much more.

You are one unique guy. I know of many wealthy people in and around Terrace, people who inherited their money and people who got it by hard work and/or by pillaging the local resources and none are like you.

As many in the “big” business community attempt to purge their community of the homeless and downtrodden, you buy them meals and homes. Unbelievable!
I am a very lucky guy to have lived long enough to have encountered a man like you. A perfect no bullshit guy. I may not always agree with you, but your goodness and compassion is unquestionable.

There is nothing I could buy you - you already have a store full of everything you need - The Terrace Hemp Centre - Deviant Fibres.
(Free Ad Note Here - - 101 -4435 Lakelse Ave - Terrace BC V8G 1P1 - 778-634-3413)
So this is my gift to you - a public thank you. And I write this on behalf of the tens of thousands who have benefitted from your generosity. Many people do not even know why their community has changed for the better. It is all thanks to you Bob.
And I am certain you have done hundreds, if not thousands of other good works.

Happy Birthday and Thank You - to my friend Bob.
Happy B-Day to a GODSENT
Comment by Anita Stephens on 28th April 2016
I was moved to tears while reading a b-day wish to Bob Erb in your Terrace Daily! It does my heart good to hear of people who give endlessly without conditions. I believe in God and Bob Erb was given the gift of compassion and generosity from our God! I always say that when I win BIG, I will wholeheartedly give back to my community of Greenville. God is using this man to reach out to the ones in dire need! Thank you Bob Erb for everything you have done for so many people. May God enrich your life and you keep on reaching the people that society has forgotten. A good deed reaches the hardest of hearts, you are the one to show the world what great people we have in the Northwestern, BC. It was a great day when you were born Bob Erb, and an even greater day when you were blessed with your winnings! When I hear of all the good deeds you have blessed you family, friends, neighbors and even strangers with, I believe in the good of mankind. Terrace and the surrounding you believe we have been blessed with this generous man? I truly do! Happy B-day to you Bob Erb, may you enjoy this day that the Lord has gifted you with. May you get all your hearts desires and then some my friend!!!
Happy birthday
Comment by Raymond Cyr on 11th July 2014
to bad there not more people like you in this world, I visited my friend in Terrace beautiful Town,