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COMMENTARY · 2nd January 2015
First it is so. So. Listen to almost any interview these days and the answer to a question begins, “so . . .” It is almost sickening. When did this happen? “so . . .” Where were you? “so . . .” It could just be due to my own obsession with listening to CBC but I now hear it every day on every show by both the interviewers and the interviewees. I now grunt in a pissed off way when I hear it because I can’t miss it, “so . . .”

It is like, like. That was the teenage idiotic hollow brain start to every sentence years ago, “like …” Today it is “So . . .”

The second is the new online Canadian “sorry”. lol. Everything is followed by lol. People cannot say hello without typing lol. “did you hear about this lol” “Do you know about that lol” “How are you lol” “This is really important lol”

Why talk or share anything if you have to say sorry about it all the time, in other words apologise in advance by saying you didn’t really mean it in an insecurity driven lol.

It must just be a sign of me getting really old and crotchety. So, Happy New Year lol.

From The Newest Grumpy Old Man, Merv Ritchie