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Clay Tablet inside its clay envelope.  Envelope needed to be broken to read the tablet inside.
COMMENTARY · 27th July 2010
Merv Ritchie
Re-dated for your enjoyment only. Originally posted on March 16, 2008, during the debate on Slot Machines and the expansion of gambling in Terrace. This site is full of many such stories.


Apparently truth is whatever you believe it to be. Many people “preach” the truth but it is their own truth that they wish to push on others. Politicians, religious leaders, guru’s and yes, even the Terrace Daily, all attempt to encourage others to follow along with their personal truth, which generally is accompanied by an accepted morality. Each however does not necessarily share the same moral principles.

Knowledge, in our opinion, should be the guiding principle behind truth. Confucius is quoted as stating this in regards to knowledge.

“To know that you know what you know, and not to know what you do not know, that is true knowledge.”

Now you know why his name is so similar to the word confusion.

This isn’t really confusing when you take a moment and reflect on it.

If Bob tells me that there was an accident on the corner of Lakelse and Eby streets, what I know is only that Bob told me that. I do not know that there was an accident unless I witnessed it myself, no matter how much I trust Bob.

Recognizing that I do not really “know” anything about the accident or even if there was one, is “knowing” what I don’t know. And this principle of speech should be one of the guiding principles of truth.

Just because you heard it on the news; you read it in a book or your personal guru/priest/leader told you something, does not mean it has any basis that you can repeat as truth. All you can honestly say is that “so and so said . . .” or “I heard on the news that . . .”

It used to be accepted as fact that the world was the center of the universe and the sun revolved around our planet. There are a lot of so called truths today that have the same credibility as that theory yet we still teach our children this false package of goods.

The great pyramids in Egypt are the best, or maybe the most dramatic, example of society refusing to teach truth. It was a man by the name of Vyse that is attributed as having discovered paint markings in the “Great Pyramid” that ascribed its construction to Cheops/Khufu an Egyptian ruler. This was demonstrated to be false, and a potential forgery, decades ago yet Egyptians and Egyptologists refuse to modify their conclusions because of the moral implications on the Egyptian society (besides their Phd’s and doctorates). Like the Sphinx, these ancient monuments have been determined to be older than any recorded civilization, over 10,000 years.

These details have been confirmed from the deciphered writings of the clay tablets that have been recovered from the region of the world we call Iraq. These clay tablets, which were discovered excavated around 1850 AD, were buried for over 4000 years. They detail our planet, the formation of the solar system and discuss events for the past 300,000 years in great detail.

Back when these tens of thousands of clay tablets were buried in the sand (of which we have only been able to read a small percentage of, and only after discovering the Rosetta stone), the area was called Sumeria or Akkad.

This is the region scholars speak of as the Sumerian civilization. It is considered to be the foundation of all knowledge and the social structure we embody today. The beginning of this civilization is thought to be roughly 4000 years before Christ which coincides perfectly with the start date of the oldest western calendar, the Judaic or Nipurian calendar. The current year according to this “Jewish” calendar is 5768. There is no Christ reference here. 5768, converted to our commonly accepted “Christ/Gregorian calendar, is 3760 BC, which identically reflects what the deciphered clay tablets describe as the date when the Sumerian “human” civilization began. This is also backed up the accepted archeological record.

The most exciting aspect is that the “truth” of these clay tablet writings has been proven astronomically. They detail the makeup of our entire solar system, (which included Pluto as a planet), and described even the colour of Neptune (blue green) 4000 years before we had a spacecraft fly by Neptune that confirmed this blue/green appearance, in August of 1989, which was the first time we could see the colour of it. Earth telescopes show only black and white images.

These clay tablets reveal so much more. In fact one set of them, called the Chaldean Genesis, or by the opening words “Enuma Elish” detail in a very similar fashion, the beginning of creation like the opening chapter of the Old Testament. The difference is that the clay tablet record is exponentially longer. The creation story in Genesis of the Old Testament is an abridged version of this “Truth”.

Why haven’t you heard about this? Because the hard truth will destroy our false religions, all of them, hard truth because these clay tablets were not made for anything but for us to discover them long after they were buried in sand. They were incased in a separate clay shell and the shell had inscribed on the outside what was inside. We have to break or cut them open to read the tablets inside. They were not made to be used everyday. They were made for a historical record. We ignore them at our folly. And that is the foundation of our present day society, folly.

Folly [FOL-ee] n, pl lies
Foolishness; foolish action, idea, etc.; useless, extravagant structure.

There is no “God” unless you wish to ascribe that name to a leader or ruler, a very physical one and hard factual genetic science has proven Darwin’s theory of evolution to be a pile of garbage with no redeeming quality. Hard factual genetic science has also shown that the human species, all of us regardless of race, that includes the Natives, Asian, African, Caucasians and Indians (“East” for those that don’t get the difference), all came from the same genetic beginning between 200,000 and 300,000 years ago. We are absolutely all brothers and sisters. The pure white race proponents are idiots. That is also a “truth”.

The genetics’ of today have determined that our chromosomes have been modified (humans have 23, #2 being unique, all other species have 24). This change cannot be seen in any other species on the planet. We can now, with current technology, modify the genes of any species we wish, plant or animal. What this current knowledge has taught us however is that we, as a species were modified close to 300,000 years ago. And further this could not have happened by any accident and most certainly not by any Darwinian construct that was, and is, all crap. Get over it. We were created in a very physical manner, by gene splicing. The Bible records this too with the reference to taking a rib (the best source for genetic material is bone marrow) and refers to a group carrying out the work, “Let us” make him in “our” image.

The kicker is that the clay tablets talk about this too. And most amazingly they tell us why.

If you are of the conviction that Jehovah, Yahweh, Jesus, Mohamed, God, or any other such entity is the be all and end all and the reason for your creation, and if the reason you get up every morning and treat everyone with kindness and respect is dependent on this faith, then please stop reading now and go on with you life. Forget all that you have read so far.


Kay, last chance.

Here is the truth, according to the most recent decipherment of the clay tablets, those that have been verified astronomically. Notice the knowledge prerequisite.

These tablets state that around 300,000 years ago the Neanderthal Cro-Magnon man was genetically modified to use language, follow instructions and work as a miner to dig up gold from underground mine shafts. These ancient mine shafts have been discovered in South Africa where the clay tablets said they were. They talk about the successes and failures of these mining operations as well as the flood referred to in the Old Testament (the time the Nephilim were upon the Earth Gen. 6:4) and the creation of their worker. However they do not talk about a God, they talk about many leaders that argued and disputed about the future of the species they created, us.

So lets talk about morality. We have this great moral discussion regarding genetic manipulation. The joke is we are a genetic manipulation. We were modified to be workers, or another word, less polite, slaves. All of the world’s economic reality is based upon resource extraction. If we have and/or are extracting raw mineral resources, or are contributing to the extraction of, or refining of, these resources, our community will be comfortable and in a fair degree of wealth. Those that do not, or have not, will be poverty-stricken. Just what part of this economic picture is difficult to comprehend?

In the American South, during the slave trade, the slave owners knew that selecting a black man as the foreman or “Boss” would produce the very best results and the most harmonious production of the farm/cotton harvest. The “Boss” allowed the black slave workers to sing, have families, have religion, and provided a reasonable measure of security for these slaves. Many didn’t want to leave when they got their freedom granted, they liked their lives. Much like us today. We like our lives. Well some of us anyways. The Boss today, for us, is the Presidents, Prime Ministers or corporate executives that draw huge salaries and live in expansive mansions much like was provided to the Black Boss of the Deep South. We wouldn’t consider the Black Bosses home expansive in today’s terms, but to the southern black slave/worker, the Boss had it made “Big Time”. Much like the expansive homes and yachts of the CEO’s today in relationship to our comforts.

So what do we do with the gold and exotic minerals we mine today? We stockpile them. Where? Well, all over the world. We only use a fraction of the purified minerals and only to assist in the extraction of more. As for the gold, it used to be stored at Fort Knox in North America but today we are not told just where the gold is. Further we don’t use it in any quantity, so why have we been mining it for 300,000 plus years? This is answered in the clay tablet records as well. Get ready for it, all you skeptics and “toe the accepted line” fanatics. That’s right, all you who have accepted the reality as has been presented to you by the schooling you have been delivered and those that trust the Media, you are about to get a dose of a different reality. But only after this note from our sponsor.

Do you remember the good ‘ole days of the Soviet Union? You know those days when it was a purely communist country. When the news media of the USSR was called Pravda? Well if you don’t remember, maybe too young? Pravda was run by the Soviet government and delivered the government-approved message. Everyone inside the USSR (Soviet Union) knew it was government propaganda and everyone outside the USSR knew it was propaganda. Today we can all relax with the new reality of the North American Media. Everyone outside North America knows that the media message is that which is approved by the USA government and is pure propaganda. The difference between the Soviet Union of yester year and North America of today is that North Americans believe their media is independent from the Government. The summary of this commercial message is that the Russian people were and are smart while Americans were smart but are now ignorant. The media will not allow the “truth” to escape their lips. Now back to our program.

To review, we are slaves, miners, our economic system is based on our contribution to the extraction of raw resources. Our species was genetically modified to perform this task. We stockpile these purified minerals. It all began short of 300,000 years ago and 5768 years ago our current “civilization” was reinvigorated.

The development/advancement of our society suffered a huge setback at around 2000 BC when the entire region of the Sinai at the Dead Sea was destroyed by something that can be likened to a nuclear bomb. The area today is very radioactive and is considered to be the region where Sodom and Gomorrah of the Old Testament were. So what? “God” nuked the place? Yes, and now we have that technology too just like genetic engineering. The first nuclear reactor (not power plant) was constructed to make the ingredient for the bombs “we” dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These reactors were not made to produce electricity. Electricity is the by-product. Remember this. The product is plutonium, that most powerful of elements that a tablespoon of it could power a nuclear submarine for a hundred years. So what are we doing with the product of our nuclear reactors? Stockpiling it. Very little of it is in prepared bombs. We could only surmise that if it, plutonium, were to be used to fuel a spacecraft the power would be awesome. So much power we could probably lift all of the stockpiled gold off of Earth and drop it on Mars without much difficulty and without using much of this stockpiled product, plutonium.

Ahhh, this is so much fun reading isn't it? You must have lots of time on your hands to persevere through it all. Hope this next paragraph doesn't lose you.

Gaia is a term used, or applied to Earth. It is commonly referred to as a Greek Goddess and is taught as the origin of the “Geo” of geography and geology. Its origin is rooted much farther back in the Sumerian language from the term KI or GI. This term was applied to the planet we call Earth. The term meant to cleave or to cut off and that is an accurate description of Earth. The age of the Oceans continental crust is only 200 to 300 million years old where the crust everywhere else is around 4 billion years old. Where it is up to 45 miles thick everywhere else on the planet, the ocean area has virtually no crust only up to around 3.5 miles thick. What happened and where is it? The clay tablets tell us that the asteroid belt, that area between Jupiter and Mars, which consists of dirty chunks of frozen water, ice, is exactly where the rest of our planet is. They describe that 4 billion years ago our beautiful planet was knocked out of our orbit at the asteroid belt location and driven into our new orbit between Mars and Venus. They describe so much more but for now the detail that is important to this is how that happened. Our planet was “cleaved” and knocked into our new location. It has been quaking and shifting, “healing” ever since.

The clay tablets describe another planet that orbits our sun in the same elliptical orbit, 30 degrees to the south, as Halley’s comet. It is suggested that Halley’s comet is a remnant of that 4 billion year old collision that put Earth “The Cleaved Planet” into its new orbit. The tablets state this other planet orbits through at the Asteroid belt once every 3600 years and its atmosphere requires the protection of suspended gold particles from space radiation. We now know the value of gold as we use gold in our space related activities; 41 kilograms were apparently used in the space shuttle Columbia. We had no use for gold on earth during the previous 300,000 years that we were mining it, ‘cept that it was pretty. Seems the clay tablets are getting even more credibility.

So the tablets tell us that there is a group of people that live on this other Planet that orbits our sun that genetically modified us to mine our planet on their behalf. They need the gold, which started this whole thing, to protect their atmosphere while they zoom off into deep space, deep to the south, where the majority of the world’s space telescopes are currently searching. Do the space agencies know something they aren’t telling us?

Divide and conquer has been the mantra of every organization that wants to control and subjugate. We as a race of humans have been divided and conquered by three distinct methods, Ethnicity, Nationality and Religion. We can have Nations fighting each other even though they are of the same basic race and religion. We can have different ethnic groups fighting each other within a Nation. And we can get neighbours to fight each other within the borders of a single country who have a different faith. We can look all around the world and find numerous examples, all the way back through the centuries, millennium, at how we have continually been set up to fight our brothers and sisters over Nationality, Ethnicity or Religion. The final determining factor behind all of these conflicts and argue as you might, (finding a few minor exceptions), the control of the worlds resource extraction sector is always at the root of the issue. Lots of excuses are delivered for the conflict however virtually every war or conflict is accompanied by a shift in the control of the region, which has the available raw mineral resources.

And that is how it is done and why we are doing it. And people in Terrace want to argue about the morality of playing slot machines? I don’t really know what is more ridiculous, this story or that. The worst part of all of this is the common understanding and belief that getting financial wealth means you are successful and will bring you happiness. Anyone with any life experience knows this isn’t true yet we all struggle to get more financial wealth, even at the expense of ripping off our own community. Oh wait; it’s time for another commercial break from our sponsors,

Do you remember way back when, back to the time of Champlain and Cartier, the fur traders of yester year? The days when they would travel into the Canadian hinterland and trade with the natives and convince them to trap more and more? It was truly amazing what the unenlightened natives would do for a few glass beads, some junk steel or tin pots and poor quality knives. We (westerners) delivered them such vast quantities of worthless junk and they gave use even greater quantities of incredibly valuable resources, furs. It was a trade of services between absolutely blind, ignorant and uneducated humans, basically slaves, and the western profiteers from Europe. Well, welcome to the reality of today folks, you, our greatest customer for our useless trinkets that will degrade and break, (which will be of no value within a few short years), can purchase these goods with the dollars you earn by going to work each and every day, until you reach the young age of 65 and die. And get this; you will get to buy Ikea over and over ‘cause it won’t even last one life time. We truly respect and admire your service to our planet-stripping venture. We will remember you in the after life . . . we promise. Thank you for your time and now, back to the program.

Earth and its apparent mysteries, we are all so mystified. Easter Island and the weird statues, the Pyramids, the Mayan culture, Stonehenge are just some of the many things that our learned professionals and experts seem at a loss to explain competently. All and much more are explained in the clay tablets. Even Genesis in the Old Testement refer to the Elohim which is generally translated as God, however correctly with the “m” it is a word used to describe more than one ruling entity and not a singular “God” but many rulers. The peoples that came from this other planet that orbits through the Asteroid belt zone were and are not some spiritual God but are flesh and blood beings that were so advanced, compared to us, that we thought of them and treated them as “Gods”.

The tribe from Mali called the Dogon, are referred to in a book by Robert Temple called the Sirius Mystery and describe this primitive tribe who attributed their beginnings to Gods from the Star, Sirius. They spoke about a second star at this location, which we discovered was true only recently. This Star system is also 30 degrees to the south of our solar system. Much like the direction of the orbit of Halley’s comet and that, which is described in the clay tablets.

Sirius is roughly 8.5 light years away from Earth (about 50 trillion miles). The clay tablets describe this huge planet (the size of Jupiter) that orbits through the Asteroid belt once every 3600 years. One way would be 1800 years. If in fact this Planet was carrying space travelers from Sirius this planet would have to have a velocity of 3.8 million miles per hour to cover that distance in 1800 years. Our Earth is moving right now at only 67,000 miles per hour. Mercury is doing almost double that at about 110,000 miles per hour. (Halley’s comet is estimated at 150,000km/hr) These are astronomical figures to be sure. But just what is reasonable and what is unreasonable? What are the restrictions to your perceptions? 55 times the speed of what our planet is moving right now is 3.7 million miles per hour. That is just about what is required to meet the time requirement for traveling to Sirius in 1800 years. Crazy? Damn straight but then so was that idiot that thought that the Earth revolved around the Sun, so was Columbus. I wouldn’t have boarded his vessel either.

It all just seems so insignificant in relationship to loving our family, friends, and neighbours. And we are asked to step up to take a position on the morality of playing slot machines? Maybe I am just nuts but I think this issue is just so juvenile. It is amazing that Terrace residents will crowd every establishment in town to watch the Ultimate fighting contest, where similar to Roman days there is a fenced in ring and the two fighters brutally attack each other. The crowds all erupt in cheers when blood is drawn. NHL hockey is much the same. The fight draws the greatest cheer and without it the game is boring. A good hit is the excitement that draws the cheer and the heartbeat. Where is the morality in that?

The business community wants to maximize their profits by bringing more shoppers into their stores by having more gambling facilities. Jeeze, most of the merchandise is crap anyways, do we attempt to tell people not to buy cheezies or plastic lawn chairs? No. Our school system is in disarray and teaches nonsense anyways. We teach our children how to fight for the school flag and colours, which in turn get them prepared to fight their neighbour over a national flag. Emotions are so predictable. We have been so used. The first thing we need to do is care for our family and friends. The last thing we need to worry about is someone escaping the slavery of their existence by playing Bingo or the slots.

So when is the next flyby of this mysterious Planet? Internet hoaxes and doomsday aficionados want to attribute it to the end of the Grand Cycle of the Mayan calendar, 2012. Don’t believe a word of it. The reason for the start date of the Judaic/Nippurian calendar, 5768, is due to a date recorded in the clay tablets of a visit to Earth by some dignitaries from this planet as it passed through our system. That was 3760 BC and was a day when we humans were allowed to begin to study and learn from our leaders, the beginning of our civilization hence the very specific start date to the real calendar. Calculating 3600 years after that makes 160 BC the date of last crossing of this planet through our Solar system and therefore the next wont happen until 3440 AD, 1432 years from now. The Mayan calendar has nothing to do with it, unless you want to begin a discussion on the entering into the Age of Aquarius. We are in the age of Pisces now and have been for the last 2100 years, which has a lot more to do with the Christian fish symbol than some character named Jesus catching fish.

Ah but that’s only the “truth” according to the Terrace Daily of which we ascribe no reality too, and all you can honestly say regarding all of this foregoing crap is “I read this on the Terrace Daily.” You cannot repeat any of this as knowledge. I’m going to Bingo.

Holy S__T Merv!
Comment by Brad North on 17th March 2008
Merv, I really have to question your sources. The pedigree of the 'great pyramid' is "proven" to be wrong, and your quoted source is (and linked! Follow it for some fun reading!): a website by a lunatic that pushes "The Rapture", when unbelievers will burn in a lake of fire on earth while the Chosen will drift up to their ice cream reward in the sky. Because we were 'bad'. Pffft. Follow the link, readers!

What drivel. With some facts shoe-horned in to make the whole enterprise seem credible, and enough vagueness to make you seem like a misunderstood genius.

Move on. Nothing to see here.
(ed note: we changed the link for you for a better source. Sorry for the rest of the content of the first one provided)
Comment by Daryl on 16th March 2008
At first I thought you had lost your lid when I started reading this article, then I kept reading, and got very pissed at the idea of someone telling us his opinion and using his own paper to let the rest of those that read it know what the opinion is.
So I kept reading to find out what kind of cockamaimy story you were going on.
Well to make my long story short, I really couldn't stop reading it and actually enjoyed it thourally.
I even liked the little infomercials that you added in there.
I have always been interested in history and exploring new idea's and concepts and the "truth" sounds pretty convincing, so convincing that I even thought it would make a good movie.
Now how much of this was you really talking out your ass I don't know and don't really care because it held my attention and it was extremally interesting and would gladly waste more time reading more of this insight and many other history/fact/bullshit whatever you want to call it stories, GOOD WORK LADDY! look forward to reading more and Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the good read..... Honestly it was so good I just may read it again when you publish it in your paper.
Daryl Skinner
Future Mayor of Terrace BC
This is the an amazing piece of hogwash!
Comment by Simply astounded on 16th March 2008
It would be extremely difficult in a short post to enumerate the total number of ill educated speculations and out right fallacies that are in this article. Mr Richie would be well advised to stick to the factual reporting of the daily events of the Terrace area. Certainly if it becomes widely known that he appears to be a certified member of the tinfoil hat brigade, the reputation of his paper and the believability of his "real" reporting will suffer.