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Mayor David Pernarowski shows off Olympic Torch presented to the City ofter the 2010 run through Terrace
REPORTING · 10th February 2010
Merv Ritchie
The recent attempt to provide live ‘On Line’ video coverage of the Terrace City Council meeting on February 8, 2010, was a fantastic success except for being a bit rushed in our setup whereby we initiated the incorrect microphone device. After the first presentations, while receiving feedback from viewers, we discovered this error and switched to the correct input mic. At the beginning of the first video link, provided below, you can see how Mayor Pernarowski was allowing us with some extra time to setup but was advised to proceed. The Council had been holding an ‘In Camera’ meeting prior to the start of the regular Council meeting preventing us from setting up the equipment in advance.

The sound was much improved and after this minor adjustment we are confident we will be able to provide live coverage of many events. The ‘Rocket Chip’ we used to access the Cell Phone Towers for internet sevice, seemed to be fast enough for the viewers to receive the signal. The speed of the service depends on the speed of the computer a viewer is using. Closing all the active programs seems to assist in maintaining a constant stream.

We recorded the meeting as we transmitted it. This allows us to provide videos of the meetings for Terrace and Area residents to view at their leisure, on their schedule. Four presentations were delivered at the beginning of this Terrace City Council meeting and due to the poor sound we have uploaded these immediately for those who ‘tuned in’ online to observe, but could not hear well.

Brenda Sissons presentation on ‘Success by Six’ can be watched here.

Gary Maltin’s presentation on Shames Mountain can be watched here.

Debbie Scarborough’s presentation on the Terrace Youth Emergency Shelter Society can be viewed here.

Sasa Loggin’s presentation on the Skeena Diversity Society can be viewed here.