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CONTRIBUTION · 15th February 2010
Dennis Leary
Does the Tilicum Twin Theatre have some kind of clause that prevents another theatre from opening? Why are we stuck in the 70's?? Enough's enough
Gross Bathrooms
Comment by Jessica Terrace on 11th December 2013
The disgusting washrooms with graffiti ridden walls are my biggest problem. I too will travel to rupert rather than go to this theater because it is dirty and gross. I do not mind the decor and since the seats have been updated I find them to be ok but honestly how hard is it to keep it tidy and clean? And I have heard our technology prevents us for getting all the movies that are released. Anyway I think its time for a change or yes maybe a famous players since we are bigger than Prince Rupert and accommodate a lot more people!
denis leary
Comment by Danny Nunes on 24th February 2010
Why is Dennis Leary complaining?

The last good movie he was in was Ice Age.

But Rescue Me is a great show.
need for revenue
Comment by Carrie La Porte on 24th February 2010
I saw Avatar in our local theatre. Although the theatre may be dated, it had all that was required by me, a comfortable seat, a large viewing screen, decent sound, a clean bathroom, and an affordable fee. From what I saw of the theatre, there is insufficient custom to pay for upgrades and I was left wondering how they even can afford to stay open. I do think if they dropped the seniors' age to 55 they might see an increase in traffic. I have been in other cinemas in other cities and one pays through the nose for the upgrades which, once the lights go out, become invisible. When I go to see a movie, I go for the film, not the decor which, from another point of view, might be considered as charmingly retro.
Comment by DJ Manion on 22nd February 2010
Is there still shag carpet on the wall? They don't seem to bring in new releases either, even some would be better than none. If there is a good movie we really want to see, we'll drive to Pr. Rupert because their theater is a Cineplex Odeon. It's hard to support the small independents when they are quite far behind.