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NEWS RELEASE · 17th February 2010
BCSpiritBear brings the world first ever live feed bear cam into a Kermode Spirit Bear winter hibernation den.

The Kermode Spirit Bear is a rare white bear only found in the Great Bear Rainforest of Beautiful British Columbia. There's only about four hundred of these elusive Spirit Bears, so actually seeing one in person is rare. Now the world can see this precious wild bear on a live Kermode Spirit Bear cam.

The Kermode Spirit Bear is one of the rarest bears on the planet. Although this white bear looks like an albino or a short polar bear, he's neither. We don't know why, but one out of every ten black bears is a white bear or Spirit Bear. He's technically known as a “white-phase black bear” or a genetic throw back. Often a white bear will have black cubs and vise versa.

The Spirit Bear was recently honored in the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games, as he is also part of their Miga Mascot.
The Kermode Bear is the official totem animal of British Columbia. The Spirit Bear has long been a strong part of the BC's First Nation's mythology, who call him Moks'gmol.

The Spirit Bear's home, The Great Bear Rainforest, is now a 200 million hectare area, giving the bear protection from hunters.

In the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, along the scenic Nisga'a Highway, BCSpiritBear is now sharing their unique experience with the elusive Spirit Bear. Stephanie and Harreson have an unusual relationship with Kermode Bears as they live amongst them. They're in a rare position to witness, photograph, film and study these bears up close and personal, as seen in their live Kermode Spirit Bear cam.

BCSpiritBear invites you to learn more about this special Spirit Bear of BC, through their information, sighting maps, photos, videos, personal stories,live cams and Kermode Snow Bear Contest. Throughout the year they will also have a summer cam to capture White and Black bears feasting on the many wild berries of the season.
Comment by les watmough on 25th March 2010
I would like to thank the people with the vidieo cam and the bear at Rosswood. Keep up with this research keep this research as your own, don't contaminate it with the junk that is in the papers and on the eMail. Keep your work pure, just understand what you see keep it simple and beware the lies that abound in the media.
Comment by les watmough on 22nd March 2010
It irks me every time I read an uniformed article about the KERMODEI by some one that has never done research on the bear, they can't even spell the name right. White guys invented the name Spirit bear (Russell) to sell books. The bear is not endangered as alleged (Jackson) .We do live in the bears territory, and people here do know the truth about the bear and have seen many. There is not one white bear for every black , quit saying that we know its not true. The Haisla , and other natives, used them as a food source (Robinson)
The book Mammals of British Columbia by McTaggert Cowen is the bible so read it and their description of the KERMODEI.
part of what?
Comment by mbw on 17th February 2010
Don't get me started! Our "spirit bear" AKA Kermode Bear, is "part" of the Miga Olympic mascot?

I am insulted that our treasured Kermode is "partly" part of the obscenely ugly, Asian-inspired clip-art-generic-cartoon, overpriced mascots designed to rip people off their hard-earned dollars.

And why didn't Kermode get to be a full mascot? What's with that?