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REPORTING · 3rd March 2010
Melinda Walker
So many times have I gone shopping and had to deal with rude, misinformed, and overall miserable workers. I know employees deal with rude and impatient customers all the time, but when one is completely nice and polite and they are miserable towards you, it makes me sick.

Tonight for instance (March 2) I went with my fiance to the local Cold Beer and Wine store just before closing (we arrived at about 10:56pm). the lady working saw us pull up, quit dealing with her customer to run and lock the door before we could get in.

It was before the 11 pm closing time, we knew exactly what we were getting and had been let in by other workers at that late time before. When we mentioned that it wasn't quite 11 yet (as she was letting her customer out) she said "I don't F*#*ing care what your cell says. My clock says 11 so that is what F*#*ing time it is." Then proceeded to tell us to get the F out of here.

This is extremely offensive, and unprofessional. I for one do not swear, and dare to assume that others should not swear to me, especially when unprovoked.

Now if she had of instead chose her wording somewhat like "I'm sorry but my clock says 11 and I would like to close up" I wouldn't be upset, but being swore at for her clock being fast (as everyone knows cell phones are the correct time) is completely unexceptable!

I for one will not stand for the lack of customer service anymore.
Swearing is never acceptable.
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 4th March 2010
I don't care if it's 10 minutes to close, 4, 1, or 5 minutes after close. Swearing at customers is never acceptable.

How could the cashier have known they knew exactly what they wanted... she could have asked. A simple... can you be in and out in 4 minutes?

I am not a firm believer in the customer is always right, actually. If a customer is rude, aggressive etc... I don't think any person should have to put up with that kind of behaviour.

Needless to say though, a customer should NEVER have to be attacked by an employee.

I think more businesses here need lessons in customer service, and frankly I'd be happy to come help any business here interested in doing so. Customer service is NOT for everyone, but at the least we could possibly prevent customers being sworn at.
Closing time.
Comment by m.c. on 3rd March 2010
No staff should ever be rude or discourteous to customers, but I do think you might have given a thought to the time you arrived.

Four minutes to closing is pushing it a bit, especially when you are there to buy liquor, not a pressure bandage to staunch a major bleed.

This clerk had no way of knowing you knew exactly what you wanted to buy. You might have turned out to be a dawdler, and kept her there for fifteen minutes past closing. What then? Other staff spoiled you earlier by letting you in at the last minute.

Surely you knew ahead of time you were out of liquor? Why not arrive early and not impose on the clerk?

Customer Service
Comment by dawnamarie on 3rd March 2010
Perhaps I"m merely fortunate...but I don't recall anyone ever being that rude to me. As a matter of fact,I recently met two young ladies working in the fabric section of Walmart who deserve special merit employee awards. They didn't know me from a hole in the ground, but theybent over backwards to assist me. Thank you ladies... you made my day.
I agree
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 3rd March 2010
I do agree that poor customer service is never acceptable. You have recourse though, you have the ability to complain to a manger etc...

Mine wasn't really about customer service so much so about the fact that I'm tired of poor bashing being an acceptable society norm. Stereotypes being acceptable, and the thought pattern that because people are making minimum wage they are not hard workers.

Poor Customer service in ANY business is never acceptable, and I encourage you to complain. I complain and actually offer suggestion if I have a poor customer service experience.
customer service
Comment by Brian... on 3rd March 2010
...Similiar bad service here in Terrace is no Service!...i went into few stores before Christmas, and the clerks never gave me the time of day!..but when a couple walked in..promptly the clerk asked if they needed! service lacks in Terrace!!!