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NEWS RELEASE · 8th March 2010
Ministry of Environment
This month's meeting of Western Climate Initiative partners will be the first to be carbon neutral, John Yap, Minister of State for Climate Action announced today.

"The Western Climate Initiative is a North American leader in the fight against climate change," said Yap. "As a key member of the WCI, we want to continue to take important steps on the carbon front like offsetting the eight tonnes of carbon from these meetings to show our continued commitment to being a carbon neutral government."

The meetings, which are being held in Vancouver on March 2-3, bring together the eleven WCI partners from across Canada and the United States. The carbon output from travel for the meetings will be neutralized through purchasing offsets from the Pacific Carbon Trust by the provincial government.

"With B.C. playing a leadership role within the WCI, it made sense for Pacific Carbon Trust to offset carbon emissions related to the meeting," said Pacific Carbon Trust CEO Scott MacDonald. "We're pleased to be part of this important process that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help build a strong green economy in B.C."

The WCI continues to finalize details on a cap and-trade program that is slated to begin January 1, 2012. Alongside complementary policies, the cap-and-trade program will help to achieve the WCI regional goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 15 per cent below 2005 levels.

In September 2008, the WCI released a preliminary Design Document on a Regional Cap and Trade Program. The WCI is working to complete the "essential elements" of the cap and trade program by June 2010. Design elements that will be common across partner jurisdictions in order for trading of carbon permits to occur.

About WCI:

The Western Climate Initiative is a collaboration of independent jurisdictions working together to reduce regional GHGs and fight climate change by focusing on a market-based cap-and-trade system.

In April 2007, British Columbia became the first Canadian province to join the WCI. There are 11 sub-national partners in WCI (Arizona, British Columbia, California, Manitoba, Montana, New Mexico, Ontario, Oregon, Quebec, Utah and Washington), as well as fourteen jurisdictions that are observing the WCI process.

The WCI is now the largest climate collaboration in North America, representing approximately 20 per cent of the U.S. economy, 76 per cent of Canada's economy, and 50 per cent of all GHG emissions in Canada.

About Pacific Carbon Trust:

Pacific Carbon Trust (PCT) is a Crown corporation established in 2008 to deliver B.C.-based greenhouse gas offsets to help clients meet their carbon reduction goals and to support the growth of BC's low-carbon economy.

In 2007, the B.C. government legislated that all government and public sector operations, including schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, health authorities and Crown corporations become carbon neutral by 2010, making it the first jurisdiction in North America to do so.

This commitment will impact close to 300,000 public sector staff and 1.6 million students. By 2011, Pacific Carbon Trust expects to deliver up to one million tonnes in carbon offsets to its public sector and corporate clients, making it one of North America's largest offset providers.

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tired of this
Comment by eric gavelin on 8th March 2010
I am so sick and tired of the carbon footprint scam. Buy offsets keep doing the same thing. Bah wake up people this is a absolute scam to control your freedoms and empty your pockets.