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REPORTING · 14th March 2010
Merv Ritchie
Yes once again it is that time of year when the human population gets to dance to the strings of our servant masters who decide the 24 hour clock doesn't function to their liking.

As you look at the manual clocks around your home; the stove, microwave, stereo, clock radio beside your bed, and then look to your cell phone, blackberry or computer, the uncoordination can be dizzying. If you are young it is a simple task even enjoyable at times. Older folks have to sit and figure out which buttons to push to work the clock mechanism.

Once you have the home all coordinated, sit and enjoy your morning cuppa joe or tea and be prepared for the next round of frustration. Those tiny buttons on the dash of the car, which require the tip of a pen or a toothpick to get at.

Most everyone has come to accept this as a twice yearly routine, that is except Saskatchewan. Farmers know a stupid thing when they see it.

Recently our Provincial Government decided to advance this time change. Many were used to the regular time of year when we were forced to get up an hour earlier for work, or wake up get to work and find that once again we could have caught an extra hours sleep as no one else showed up yet. We now change our clocks not at the Spring and Fall equinox's but at arbitrary times of the year determined by the USA, which was adopted by the BC Government.

Even cows know better. Milking time is not determined by a time device manipulated by the owner.

Careful how you drive and work today and tomorrow. This is the time of year when most accidents and injuries occur.
Comment by Linda Haines on 14th March 2010
We really need to stop adopting crap "determined" by the USA! Time change sucks and does nothing but mess everyone up, we need to think for ourselves and decided for ourselves to do away with it...Hail Sask!
Protest Time Change
Comment by Samantha on 14th March 2010
I'm all for a boycott against changing our clocks twice a year. Parts of Canada don't change so why the heck do we?

Can anyone anywhere think of just one good reason for this continued nonsense? Certainly not because we need even longer evenings than we already get. And kids go to school in the dark regardless of time change. So what is the point?

It was instituted during WW2 for reasons that didn't make much sense then and make no sense now and it's time our government put an end to it. The alternative is we independently refuse to change simply because our stupid government decides we have to.
Peace Country
Comment by Eric Roy on 14th March 2010
The BC Peace River Region also never changes the time. They are always on Mountain Standard Time. It's not only the Saskatchewan farmers that are smart!