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REPORTING · 20th March 2010
Merv Ritchie
We have no idea who perpetrated the attack on the poll recently put up on the Kitimat Daily website except that who ever did this was devious, cunning and skilled in computer hacking and program writing. At one point the votes were coming in at a rate of 18 times per minute. That is about one vote every three seconds; certainly faster than one could vote normally even if they had three computers set up side by side.

The poll, which has now been closed with result option 6 deleted, can be seen HERE.

There are methods a person can use to hide their computer address therefore even if we attempted, by the normal methods, to locate this individual(s) the likelihood of being certain, with this persons skill, is questionable at best.

We did attempt to locate the source by using a tracking method supplied by our local computer technician and it directed us to a location in a subdivision bedroom community near Chicago Illinois called Woodstock. The address even narrowed it down to a home location near a school for special needs children.

Any intelligent person attempting to abuse a media service would likely be aware we might use our investigative skills in an attempt to figure out who is behind the attack on Kitimat citizen’s civil liberties, the right to freely express themselves and their opinions without interference. They would take measures, one could assume, to hide their computers IP address. If they were particularly devious they would choose one, which would raise our eyebrows, like say an address next to the head offices of Kitimat’s single largest employer, Rio Tinto Alcan.

This is what we located. We could jump up and say this was all Rio Tinto’s doing but we think not. We do think, however, that Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA) should look into this as; if this individual is using these types of methods to bring disgrace on us and our services, they are equally making RTA susceptible to the same type of embarrassment.

Between the hours of 10:20 and 10:50 pm March 16, 2010 (half an hour) this automated system of voting apparently based near RTA’s headquarters, voted hundreds of times for option number 6, that neither Mayor Monahan, McLaren or Gottschling should resign. A resident in Prince George also attempted to skew the results; voting primarily for option 2 and sometimes 3, but it took more than three hours; first between 3:30 and 5:30 pm and then again after 9:00 pm to vote only a few dozen times. Those choices (2 & 3) were for Monahan and McLaren to resign respectively.

The interesting thing about the votes, which were made to look like they were coming from an RTA bedroom community, is an hour and a half earlier the same automated voting system was coming from an IP address near Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. This demonstrates the individual was not just computer literate but had a devious nature; attempting to get us to believe it was an RTA Exec. interfering with Kitimat local politics. But just who really knows in this wonderful age of computer anonymity?

If this was a criminal act someone might be able to get a court order to identify the perpetrator. We will not go down that road, we just thought we should bring you, our audience, up to date and let you know we will remain vigilant in ensuring fair and honest community information.
Courtesy Google Images
Courtesy Google Images
This Prince George Subdivision is home to the acrimonious and threatening 'Mervyn' who commented on the 'STEVE WILSON CALLS SHERIFF ONTO REPORTER' article posted October 29/09. Home located Nov. 4/09
This Prince George Subdivision is home to the acrimonious and threatening 'Mervyn' who commented on the 'STEVE WILSON CALLS SHERIFF ONTO REPORTER' article posted October 29/09. Home located Nov. 4/09