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NEWS RELEASE · 30th March 2010
Come May 1st can not have studded ties on the vehicle.

Traffic Services members, as in previous years with consideration of climate in the north and other more important missions. If one has studded tires on the vehicle in May, it is likely the driver would be given a suggestion to remove the tires. If one is running studded tires in June ~ July, etc., it is likely the driver would be given a ticket for "Studded Tires During Restriction" - Section 19.03(3) MVAR - $109.00 fine

The following for ease of reference is an excerpt of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations associated to studded tires:

19.03 (1) No person shall drive or operate on a highway

(a) a vehicle equipped with solid tires, the thickness of which between the rim of the wheel and the surface of the highway is less than 32 mm, or

(b) a vehicle having wheels, tires or tracks constructed or equipped with projecting spikes, cleats, ribs, clamps, flanges, lugs or other attachments or projections, which extend beyond the tread or traction surface of the wheel, tread or track, but such a vehicle may be driven or operated on a highway not having a cement-concrete, asphaltic-concrete, bituminous treated or other stabilized or wooden surface.

(2) Subsection (1) does not apply to the use of tire chains of reasonable proportions on a motor vehicle when required for safety.

(3) Subsection (1) (b) does not prohibit the use, at any time between October 1 in one year and April 30 in the next year, of studs that do not protrude more than 3.5 mm from the tread or traction surface of a tire, if

(a) there are not more than a total of 130 studs in the tire if it is a tire for a motor vehicle having a gross vehicle weight of not more than 4 600 kg, or 175 studs in the tire if it is a tire for a motor vehicle having a greater gross vehicle weight, and

(b) no studs are used in a tire on the front wheel of a motor vehicle unless each rear wheel has at least one studded tire, but this paragraph does not apply to a truck with a licensed gross vehicle weight of 9 100 kg or more and which is equipped with a device to allow the installation of a snowplough.

(4) The minister charged with the administration of the Transportation Act may, whenever in his opinion the use of tire studs is causing undue wear to a highway or bridge or is hazardous to the safety of those using the highways, by written order published in the Gazette, suspend the application of this subsection with respect to any highway or part thereof.

(5), (6), (6A) Repealed. [B.C. Reg. 415/81, s. 1.]

(7) No person shall drive or operate on a highway a solid-rubber-tired vehicle at a greater rate of speed than 20 km/h.

(8) Repealed. [B.C. Reg. 206/83.]

[en. B.C. Reg. 68/71, s. 5; am. B.C. Regs. 161/76, s. 2; 343/77; 414/77, s. 2; 415/81, s. 1; 206/83; 103/2006, s. 4.]"