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COMMENTARY · 6th April 2010
Dr. David Heinimann
To: Mayor and Council, R. Poole, H. Dusdal, D. Block, L. Marleau, T. Irwin, H. Craveiro

With grit still in my teeth after another foray along the dust strip of 4800-block Lazelle Avenue, I want to request a policy change on street sweeping.

Whatever constraints Henry Craveiro and the Works Department must tolerate, it is beyond strange that streets should be left gritty so late after the last snow. No doubt the downtown, as in the past, would have been left unswept for the Winter Games had I not mass-mailed to suggest sweeping. And the areas around schools are still undone — is that healthy for our kids? Why this nonsensical policy? The people who form it should walk these streets.

Mr. Craveiro told me (email 18Mr) that it would be "a few weeks" still before Lazelle would be swept. But how is it that Mountain Vista, which has comparatively much less pedestrian traffic and certainly had much less grit, was swept at least two weeks ago? And street sweeping doesn't appear as part of the "Spring Cleanup" agenda, either — it's as if no one perceives what a health nuisance the grit is!

Present policy is inconsistent and negligent of pedestrian health. I request that policy change to sweeping at the earliest possible moment after the last likely snowfall.

If Terrace is to represent itself as a healthy community, then it should look — and breathe — like one.

Dr. David Heinimann
Terrace, BC
Big Red Truck
Comment by A Ridler on 8th April 2010
Trish that big Red truck is the water truck who wets down the areas to be swept to help the sweeper pick up the materials and keep down dust. Much to your suprise there is sweeping done in the very early a.m. and continued through out the day. When this town only has one big street sweeper and a one sidewalk sweeper it is pretty hard to do the whole town. Also as soon as they start trying to sweep at nights they have people with noise complaints. Its a no win situation but really we are very lucky to live in a town that is fairly clean and has good town spirit. Iguess for that matter a Country where we are aloud to voice our opion. A. Ridler
What an exaggeration!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Jim Ippel on 7th April 2010
The good Dr. goes a "little?" overboard, and Mr Jennings-well what can I say.
A little dust never hurt anyone, I should know, I grew up with it and never saw pavement till I came to Terrace. As for 2 inches of sand/grit/gravel on the bike paths as stated by Mr Jennings-please tell me where sir, I was in town today and did'nt see the aforementioned on the bike paths.
Mr Jennings mentioned being hit by a vehicle while he was riding his bike because the vehicle did not give him the "right of way." A simple question to you: Where you "RIDING" your bike through a Crosswalk? When I ride my bike where this is vehicular traffic, I always yield to the auto because me and my bike weight 270 lbs (I'm big) and the car/truck weighs 2,000 lbls plus. Only a nobrainer would argue with a vehilce and expect to come out ahead, even if he has the right of way.
april weather
Comment by mbw on 7th April 2010
I for one was relieved there was some grit on on the roads today when I drove through rather a lot of surprise hail & snow and then took the hound for his walk around the neighbourhood. It was downright slippery.

If indeed we have any to spare, I'd rather funds were used to plough the sidewalks in winter where young moms & children walk to and from downtown.
but seriously,
Comment by A .Grant on 7th April 2010
I agree, the city clearly must consider those who prefer other methods of travel and are impeded by the debris. As one who has made the lifestyle choice of travelling by pogo stick, I would like to see a pogo stick lane installed between the bike lane and the pedestrian lane . With our current lack of legislation as to where one can legally "pogo" I am unsure if I must use the dusty and gritty sidewalk or take my chances with cyclists flying past me on the bike lane.Furthermore, smaller holes in the storm drains would make my travels much safer as I would not have to veer into the path of some cyclist unable to stop with the third world road conditions we must endure every spring. I would like to see our town adress these important issues in the near future.
Comment by Steve Smyth on 7th April 2010
The roads I trod on when i was a kid growing up here were not only gravel and dusty, they were, by the end of the summer, soaked in used engine oil or hydraulic fluid to keep the dust down-my God, how did we ever survive.
I wonder if the original poster had thought that the act of sweeping up the dirt makes more dust that leaving it there?

Personally, as a motorcyclist, I cant wait for the City to sweep up the last signs of winter so i can get back on two wheels but even I think the original letter/comment is way over the top....but each to his own I suppose
Comment by Evan Jennings on 7th April 2010
Now I'm totally in agreement. I used to always bike everywhere. Now it's hard enough to bike in the cyclist lane when drivers dont give you the right of way. It is so much more important to some people's lives that they have to get past the cyclist to save ten seconds of their time. Last year I was hit by a car. Now with the dirt down it makes it sometimes downright impossible to stop when some driver almost hits me. They have to put so much on the ground during the winter and by the time spring is here it is all pushed into the bike lanes. I'd like to see you slam on the brakes on 2 inches of gravel on top on pavement and see you stop. Sometimes you have to think about more than just the drivers!
Hear, Hear!
Comment by trish on 6th April 2010
I totally agree with you, and why do they do it in the middle of the day?? Why not at night?? When there are not cars parked on the sides where all the bigger grit is. I actually saw a guy driving a water truck backwards through an intersection, disrupting all oncoming traffic, so he could water the road. I think it was to keep the dust down??? How stupid is that??? and dangerous. and illegal driving. Terrace needs to use some common sense whene it comes to our road maintenance...
Street Sweeping
Comment by A. Ridler on 6th April 2010
Isn't it sad you have nothing better top do as you are walking along except that the streets need sweeping. I do think if you put this issue before most people in Terrace they would have other things that were more important than sweeping the streets. Or perhaps we should have our taxes raised so we can have our streets swept to keep you happy. Terrace happens to be one of the cleanest cities I have seen on my travels through out this fine country. Considering the financial times in this country clean streets aren't a huge issue. The city of Terrace does a very good job considering that they are on very tight budget in this time. You could always wear a mask if its affecting your life that much. Our air here is some of the best in the world. A. Ridler
Straume Ave
Comment by Steve on 6th April 2010
You should see all of the grit on the 48-4900 blocks of Straume Ave. They put extra gravel down for the schools, but forget to pick it up.
Comment by Carrie La Porte on 6th April 2010
Odd since I have been awoken by Kalum being swept. I would think that if they can sweep Kalum then they can do the other main streets.

As to children and grit, well I dunno if that alone is a compelling argument. I grew up in a rural community and walked to school on gravel roads, without mishap I may add.