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REPORTING · 9th April 2010
Merv Ritchie
The final roof section was placed this morning on the new "Band Shell" at George Little Park. It is a unique design, open to both North and South directions, wired for lights and sound.

The roof will be covered with a fabric material and the entire new stage will be open air with no enclosures. There is a long wheel chair ramp to the stage level and the full length of the South side is staired for easy access.

The City, the Province and the Federal Government, like many projects, are sharing in the cost of construction. The overall costs will exceed one and a quarter million dollars and the City will be required to pick up all the costs which exceed $900,000.

The former Bandshell, which was all built by volunteer time, energy and materials, was unceremoniously destroyed last fall for the construction of this new vision for the park.
Comment by Carol Fielding on 13th April 2010
Thought I should clarify that I never said that the bandshell was not there for Hockeyville, I , more that anyone would know that. What I did say was that they started the tear down of the site just before Hockeyville.....if you look back at the pictures you will see the ugly fencing that the City had to put up at the last minute to try to cover the mess and to keep it somewhat safe for the young.
I also did not say that the bandshell should stay...what I did say was that an opportunity should be given to other groups in the community to see if they wanted to rescue it.
I know from conversations that I have had with the original volunteers that they were responsible for the fundraising and construction were very disappointed and sad to see that there was such a lack concern or respect for there efforts.
As a volunteer in this community I know how hard it is to raise funds and to find volunteers to make commitments to get the work done.
Band Shell
Comment by Val Parr on 10th April 2010
I would like to correct Carol on the timing of the band shell removal. If you look back through Terrace Daily's articles there are pictures of the old band shell during the Hockeyville festivities (September 2009). I remember being in the park on the night of the exhibition game and Willie Mitchell coming down to the old bandsheel to greet the crowd during intermission. As for the old band shell removal - I personally always felt that it was not an inviting structure and was constantly covered in graffiti. The new construction is placed so that it is visible from Lakelse Avenue and being at the corner of the park will open up more area for other activities. I look forward to the completion of this project and hope that the park becomes, more than ever, a place for all to enjoy.
Beautiful Upgrade
Comment by Carol Fielding on 9th April 2010
but.....not very well thought out.
To tear down a perfectly good bandshell without giving the community the chance to rescue it showed poor planning and a lack of respect to the many hours that the volunteers worked to raise the funds and build the structure and for it's contribution to our community all those years.
Not to forget the poor planning with the destruction of the site just days in front of Terrace's most highlighted national spotlight event.....the NHL Kraft Hockeyville weekend. Guess to some it was more important to tear it up then to let our local beauty & community pride show through.....makes one wonder?
Let's hope whoever is in charge of this one will better understand what it takes to create these legacies and will have more respect for its long term care & use.