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NEWS RELEASE · 9th April 2010
Public Affairs Bureau
Office of the Premier


VANCOUVER - Premier Gordon Campbell today announced the interim appointment of Attorney General Michael de Jong as acting Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

For the duration of the interim appointment, de Jong will continue to hold the office of Attorney General.

(Late Addition: View filed financial reports HERE.


"On March 24 I was informed by the RCMP that they were investigating alleged Elections Act violations pertaining to a 2009 Vancouver-Fraserview provincial election campaign. At that time I was informed that I was not a subject of that investigation and that I may be interviewed as a witness. I understand that the deputy to the Premier, informed the Premier of this fact on March 26.

On late Tuesday evening, April 6, while I was out of the country, I was informed that the investigation was evolving and the RCMP would want to interview me to determine if I had any role in the allegations. On Wednesday, I informed the Premier of that development.

Upon returning to Vancouver on Wednesday, out of an abundance of caution, I immediately obtained a lawyer to engage the RCMP on my behalf and to establish the facts that were appropriate for me to know and to ascertain what was expected of me to help me make the appropriate decision for my office.

On Wednesday, my lawyer called the criminal justice branch to determine if a special prosecutor had been appointed and he subsequently advised me that a special prosecutor has been appointed in this investigation.

Today I have concluded, out of the respect and regard for the office of Solicitor General of British Columbia and to ensure the continued integrity of that office, that the appropriate action is to step aside pending the outcome of this investigation. I have spoken with the Premier and he has accepted my decision.

Over my 30-year career in law enforcement and public service I have prided myself on putting the public interest first and acting with the utmost integrity. It is with that in mind that I have chosen to step aside.

I am confident that I have done nothing wrong. I fully support the RCMP's efforts and will be co-operating fully with the investigation.

It is my sincere hope that this matter is concluded as quickly as possible. I will continue to represent my constituents as the MLA for Vancouver-Fraserview.

Until all aspects of this ongoing matter are complete, I will not be commenting further on the substance of the investigation as that would be inappropriate."
The web page at the BC Government web site for the Solicitor General is now blank (3:30 pm Friday April 9, 2010)
The web page at the BC Government web site for the Solicitor General is now blank (3:30 pm Friday April 9, 2010)
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 13th April 2010
James, this might help you get a better handle on this issue.
I agree
Comment by Jim Ippel on 12th April 2010
Yes Tony, I find it disgusting that it has taken so long to bring the BC Rail fiasco to trial. You accuse the Liberals of stonewalling, and to a degree I agree with you, but the ones really doing the stonewalling are Crown Council. They seem to feel that one of their prime investigaters should not have to testify because it will blow his cover. Too damn bad, put him in another position, it's not like they could'nt accommodate him in another field of investigation.
As for the investigations into the actions of three Solicitor Generals I am absolutely disgusted by the action, or more to the point, "LACK OF ACTION" by the RCMP. These are Crimminal Code investigations and have no Statute of Limitations, unlike the investigation into the actions of Kash Heed. With Mr. Heed, a decision must be made within one year.
I do not make this statement lightly, and for those of you who know me, you will understand.
RCMP, get off you lazy asses, quit making excuses, do the jobl you are being paid handsomely for, and wind up the investigations of the former Solicitor Generals. I don't care what political stripe these people are, there is a shadow over them and their families, you as the investigating agency can put forward the information to Crown Council, recommending charges, or drop everything due to insufficient evidence.
Maybe we should give the RCMP, and all other Police Agencies a Diary Date of one year to complete their investgations of alleged misconduct by Gov't people. That would light a fire under their asses, and maybe less time would be spent at the donut factory.
Comment by Tony Nuzzo on 12th April 2010
What is scary Jim is that its taken over 5 years to bring the selling of the CN sale to court,because of constant stonewalling by the liberals.And its scary that 3 solicitor generals are under investigation for hanky panky.3 solicitor generals in only 25 months. Dont you think that is scary?I dont care if you are liberal or NDP. We should all be sick of the corruption that is going on in federal and provincial politics.
Comment by Jim Ippel on 11th April 2010
I find it absolutely amazing that it took a member of the NDP, a worker for a "DEFEATED" candidate yet, eleven months to find a possible discrepiancy in a brochure produced by the people of candidate "WINNER" Kash Heed.
If in fact something was done inappropreately, why was'nt it brought up immediately?? Oh, I'm sorry, this might be used to embarrass the Liberals, and possible used as fuel for the anti HST.
What scares me is that it took eleven months to discover this. Would you feel comfortable with a Gov't in power that took this long to discover possible wrong doing???? I would'nt.
Scary isn't it???????????????????
Comment by Adam Kirkwood on 9th April 2010
he wasn't the head of the fashion police... that tie looks like hell with that shirt...