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CONTRIBUTION · 9th April 2010
In celebration of International Womens Day I was impressed to find a wonderfully short essay on woman of the North Coast. The author Justina H. Stewart clearly shows talent in this work. What she says in a mere 379 words can only be described as a heartfelt journey to find success. That said, enjoy:

I Live In My Children's Eyes

As a working mother living in the coastal region in Prince Rupert, my job exposes me to the struggles we all face. Job losses in the local community, economic downturns, all combine to whittle away at what we call hope. I too, have been there. I often times see the faces of hopelessness, of disappointment, and of struggle. There are no magic pills, or quick fixes. My medicine is my reflection in my children’s eyes, for it is their future hinging on my accomplishments.

I worked hard to find employment in a time when employment seemed nearly impossible. I took courses, and attended a program. In my children’s eyes, I saw a tired woman, but she showed the beginnings of a smile. I wrote my papers, I stood before a class, and nervously delivered my presentations. At the end of the day, I saw a more confident native woman looking back at me from the brown twinkling eyes of my children.

When I finished my program, a sense of anxiousness, and fear enveloped me. Would I find a job? Would someone hire this woman? My children’s eyes whispered a, “yes.” For I live in my children’s eyes, and it is their future looking back at me. What I do, they shall do so, too.

Several weeks wore on, and as I brushed my little girl’s hair before school I gazed into her sparkling eyes. I saw a worried woman. The word, “defeated,” reared its ugly head. But from her eyes, a haunting voice reminded me, and said, “She sees what you see.” I forced the worry from my face, so that her innocent eyes remained just that…innocent. Then it happened, the phone call I had been waiting for so long-- came through. I was hired temporarily at the place I dreamed of working at since I took the course.

Today, I work full time, my eyes smile, and my children’s eyes smile. Together, we have overcome the struggle. My future shimmers in my eyes, and in the recesses of their eyes I see a future on the north coast for us all…for I live in my children’s eyes.
Very inspiring & true!
Comment by Terry McKay on 11th April 2010
I took the liberty of posting this piece on my Facebook page.
I want to also use it for teachings I do around the Ottawa area.