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REPORTING · 15th April 2010
Merv Ritchie
It is perfect weather to come out and enjoy the new stage at George Little Park. New wooden seating platforms have been bolted to the concrete and the Large Cedar logs; cut flat and varnished, have been placed. Lighting has been installed for the stage, paving stone walkways, planters and trees and the they are even preparing to pour what appears to be a small skate board trick ramp.

The overall appearance is very striking, particularly on a brilliant day such as today. A great place to come and sit with a coffee or to enjoy your lunch hour.

The fabric, we have been told, for the roof will arrive next week. After this is complete it would seem the only thing left is to wait for the new grass to grow.

Riverboat days this year will be an entirely new experience.
Comment by eric gavelin on 15th April 2010
This should be noted as one of this town's biggest mistakes. 1 million dollars for the contraption. Who in their right mind looked at this project and said "yep 1 million dollars........looks like a good plan to me" Then was somehow able to convince others that this was a good idea. City council should be ashamed of themselves. I can't totally blame council, really how would it be possible to properly develop and manage a project of this scale with your head shoved up your you know where.

I understand that hind sight is 20/20 but the vision of these individuals must be guided with a white cane.

I fail to see how this is any sort of a improvement over the old band shell.

We might as well have just had a cash burning party instead.