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REPORTING · 15th April 2010
Merv Ritchie
The Terrace Daily has become the newest member of the Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce (TDCC). Joining the Chamber has provided us the opportunity to be kept in the local information channel so we can deliver even more news on local current events.

At noon today, April 15, 2010, the TDCC held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Best Western Hotel in the Skeena Banquet Room. There were approximately 35 people in attendance from a membership of 320. Besides enjoying a lunch the gathered members had the responsibility to vote for their new directors and executive board.

The Board consists of 12 members, which includes the officers. There used to be 14 however the Chamber has decided to reduce this number by 2. The recent past president remains as what is termed an 'ex-officio' member of the board. The terms for holding a position on the board of the Chamber of Commerce are each two years however the positions alternate so half of the board remains the same after every AGM election. To manage this they elect a 1st Vice President and a 2nd Vice President on alternating years. The President is elected on the same year as the 1st VP and the Treasurer is elected on the same year as the 2nd VP. With these four positions managed in this alternating fashion the remaining 8 positions, all directors, are set for alternating years as well.

Those who remain as directors of the TDCC to complete the second year of their two year term are Vivian Raposo, Char Toews, Leydi Noble and Wade Bennett. This is the year where the President (currently Colleen Taylor) and the 1st VP (currently Irlanda Price) remain to complete their two year term as well. The voting this year was for the 2nd VP, the Treasurer and for 4 directors.

Bert Husband, the current Past President, ‘ex-officio’ member was also the Chair of the Succession Committee which worked to select individuals they felt were best to fill the vacant positions. Val Gauvin was the only name put forward for the position of Treasurer and she was elected by acclamation. Only three names were presented for the four vacant director positions and one person was nominated from the floor. They were also all therefore acclaimed as elected without the need for a vote. They were; Gordon Stamp-Vincent, Tammy Praticante, Brian Langston (his 2nd term) and from the floor, Randi Beatty.

For the position of 2nd VP there was a run off vote between two of the 2009 - 2011 directors, Char Toews and Janice Paulitschke. Paulitschke was successful in taking the post and Toews will remain as a director for the remainder of her two year term.

During the meeting, before the vote, President Coleen Taylor thanked the previous board members and officers and spoke about the benefits of joining the Chamber. Donna Demers, the past Treasurer presented the financial report explaining how the financial position improved significantly due to the Trade show using both arenas of the Terrace Sports Plex for displays. Member Gerry Martin raised his voice during the meeting to express gratitude to Stacy Mann. He described how well she managed the transition year for the Chamber as they moved away from operating the Visitor Information Center. Mann then received applause from the gathered membership.

One member asked about the Chambers position on the new Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) being proposed and implemented by the Provincial Government. Taylor stated that it was the position of the BC Chamber to support the HST and the TDCC was supporting this position. She suggested they may canvass the membership to see how they feel about this position by stating, “We are talking about a membership survey.”

The following is the complete list of the TDCC Board with associated term remaining

President Colleen Taylor (1yr)
1st VP Irlanda Price (1yr)
2nd VP Janice Paulitschke, (2yr)
Treasurer Val Gauvin (2yr)

Vivian Raposo, (1yr)
Char Toews, (1yr)
Leydi Noble, (1yr)
Wade Bennett, (1yr)
Gordon Stamp-Vincent, (2yr)
Tammy Praticante, (2yr)
Brian Langston, (2yr)
Randi Beatty (2yr)
Bert Husband as the ‘ex-officio’ member (1yr).
Out of your pockets TDCC!
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 22nd April 2010
The other night on the news there was someone saying that the HST should cost the average BC family $100 a week. Thats $100 that won't be going to local businesses and I would love to see a sign in the window of a business saying you support the HST, I too would not shop at such a store. Thats $400 a month, that's $4,800 a year going to Gordo and his pack of liars. Meanwhile raw log sales from this area are sky rocketing for all the out of work forestry people.. just thought I'd throw that in...Thank you Gordo (we will never introduce the HST!!) LIAR Campbell!
blanket support? I don't think so
Comment by Marian Brorup Weston on 19th April 2010
I am just starting out in (very) small consulting business and I am not at all in favour of the HST. It's going to be very difficult for me to stick my hand out and ask for 7% extra, never mind doing the paperwork to turn it all over to the government.

I resent having to pay tax on a host of new services. It shocks and dismays me that this government promised not to bring in this tax & is now blatantly ramming it down our throats.

I cannot imagine what it will be like for those really strapped for funds.

Furthermore it's clear most businesses in town are not supporting this tax, no matter what the Chamber might say.

It's time for the Liberals to listen to the people.
BC Chamber doesn't necessarily represent Terrace
Comment by C. Arnold on 18th April 2010
I really hope the TDCC does choose to survey it's membership on the HST issue. I have been a chamber member for many years and I do not feel John Winters or the BC Chamber represent local businesses. I think the HST is a bad idea. I think there are many local businesses that may feel the same. I hope the TDCC takes steps to make sure they are representing it's local members before blindly endorsing Mr. Winters' position.
Support HST, Support the Southwest
Comment by Moe Naguib on 18th April 2010
This tax will be used by the Southwest based Liberals to further subsidize their power base at the expense of the rest of British Columbia. It is not a Tax that will return anywhere near the amount of money it withdraws from the pockets of those of us who choose to Invest, Work and live outside of the Hope Nanaimo Victoria triangle
Right on Walter and Richard!
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 18th April 2010
I'm with Richard and Walter on this. There is something really telling in the comment, "Taylor stated that it was the position of the BC Chamber to support the HST and the TDCC was supporting this position." The local membership have not yet been consulted and the TDCC is in favour? So John Winter thinks it is a good idea, does that make it good for businesses in Terrace? What kind of an undemocratic organization is this? It should be no surprise that John Winter thinks a tax reduction to corporations is balanced by a higher tax on consumers is OK, but is it OK with local retailers? I would expect local business to be a bit cautious about reducing the spending power of the people who walk through their doors. If any think this is fair, I doubt they have the guts to stand by their position in a public way. Put up a sign saying "We agree with the HST" and see how it effects your business.

I just spent two weeks down south in Right-wing country. Even there the hatred for the HST is palpable.
Chamber the H. S .T
Comment by Richard J Morhart on 17th April 2010
Yes , please tell us . So I too will not shop there.
Chamber supports HST
Comment by Walter Fricke on 16th April 2010
Make sure all the members proudly advertise their CoC membership, so I know where not to shop.
Comment by Dr. Bruce Bidgood on 16th April 2010
Congratulations to all the new members of the Chamber Board of Directors and appreciation to all those members who agreed to stand for another year.

Congratulations to the Terrace Daily on their membership in the Terrace Chamber of Commerce.