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REPORTING · 18th April 2010
Merv Ritchie
The new stage/entertainment center at George Little Park has reached a second stage of completion. This weekend the forms were removed from the new skate board ramp and sliding box providing the young residents of Terrace a new opportunity to be welcomed as equal partners.

The existing Skate Board Park, up behind the Terrace Arena, has faced numerous controversies and many of the boarders would rather see a new one constructed in the vacant lot next to the RCMP detachment building. The current location is frequented by residents packing two-four packs of beer and leaving the scene after smashing the bottles. The young skaters have to sweep up the glass on a regular basis.

When the City was constructing the new sheet of ice the contractors had dumped a truck load of gravel on the skate park making the entire structure unusable. After reporting on this Mayor Talstra ensured it was cleaned up. The Mess and The Cleanup.

Today skaters have a new feature to test their skill. Their immediate attention to this feature shows the desire and the need for more of the same in a better location than hidden in the dark behind the arena.
Comment by Lesley Thomsen on 26th April 2010
If people would take the time to watch the genuine skaters thay would see that this sport requires a great deal of practice to perfect their jumps etc. My son was one of the youth involved with building the park at the arena with Mr Lee and it is sad to see it being abused the way it is. I have grandsons now and that is not a place I would be happy to see them at the existing park, changes need to be made.