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NEWS RELEASE · 23rd April 2010
Merv Ritchie
A copy of an email circulated to those working on the campaign to stop the implementation of the HST has been forwarded to our email inbox.

It clearly states the threshold required in the Skeena Constituency has been exceeded by a large margin.

Good evening captains and volunteers,

I would like to start off by saying job well done so far! In case you hadn't already heard, I finished my count yesterday, and was able to confirm 3800+ signatures for the Skeena riding yesterday. That means that we are around 20 percent, which is far beyond the needed 10 percent. We are currently one of the leaders in this fight. Together with our friends in Kitimat and with your hard work and dedication, we were able to reach this milestone in just 2 weeks. We will keep pushing until the end of the campaign and in doing so, we will without a doubt send a strong message to government.

For those of you who have been fielding question as to where we are collecting signatures, I have posted locations for signing the petition on We will also have updates from time to time on Terrace Daily.

In addition to having locations, we are continuing on with our door to door campaign and will keep going until every door has been knocked on. We will also be doing blitzes on the weekends at either the Skeena Mall, Canadian Tire, or Safeway.

This weekend we will be setting up at Canadian Tire this weekend from 10-6 on both Saturday and Sunday. If you or anyone you know anyone (anyone currently signed up as a canvasser) that would like to come help get some signatures, please let us know.

We are getting great feed back and support from businesses and individuals that are against the HST. If you know of any businesses that want to have the petition available for signing at their business or anyone that wants to sign up as a canvasser, please contact your captain and we will work with them to make sure they are signed up properly with Elections BC and Fight HST.

Keep up the good work everyone,

Arjunna Miyagawa
Regional Organizer
Less obstinate, more persistent.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 4th May 2010
I guess the point to remember is that after a government has been in power for 9 years and had the opportunity to change any legislation they want to, it is no longer valid to blame a previous government - for any legislation. As I have said before and it is worth repeating, that "golden era" promised by the liberals in 2001 was the 90's.

From then on they had a picnic in provincial finances. They got high commodity prices, increased transfers from the federal government, and an improved economy and they peed it all away. Now they need to grab some easy cash in the form of HST from the oppressed consumer. They can't admit it is a transfer of taxation away from business and their friends. Instead of admitting they blew it - ie. couldn't run a two-seater outhouse if the doors were marked in and out - they try to ignore the anger of the electorate.

The public once they are angry will not be ignored. If they ignore the petition there could be some recall efforts in the fall.
Comment by Jim Ippel on 2nd May 2010
Please read my second paragraph. I agreed that
Campbell said he would change the legislation and he did'nt.
Apolgy accepted.
Well with respect, Jim.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 30th April 2010
You didn't mention that the liberals failed to change the legislation when the railed against it. You only drew the NDP into the discussion when it was clear that the relevance of that was questionable because the initiate legislation will work if enough people are angry.

I know something about the NDP in the 90's so that is what I respond to. and since it is always a comparison with this government and the 90's NDP, I respond. I have little connection with the New NDP so I don't write about them. I can let one of the New NDPers do that.

The fact is that if a new government repealed the HST, they would have to pay back the $1.6 billion dollar bribe the Campbell liberal government got to harmonize. That would again put them in a deep hole because the money would be spent, before they ever got to deal with any issues just like it was when the NDP took over from the Socreds in 1991. At that time the hole was $2.4 billion. So for any new government it is not an easy call. They might simply reduce the tax or reduce the number of items taxed or both. Ideally they should revoke the HST and bill the past government. Unfortunately that just adds to the debt load.

Sorry to be so obstinate.
Comment by Jim Ippel on 29th April 2010
Why do you always have to be so damn obstinate when I mention something the NDP did? I only stated they wrote the legislation, and how they wrote it.
Yes, when Campbell was in opostion he said he would change it to make it fair, but we all know that didn't happen, and why.
I don't agree with the legislation the way it is written, and will say that no matter who is in power, it will not be changed.
Why don't you comment of the waffling by the NDP on what they will do with the HST if and when they are the elected gov't in BC, or can't you figure out their position either?????
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 26th April 2010
Before you give up and blame the NDP of the 90's for your unwillingness to fight back or the failure of the initiative, you might read the following comments on:

Yes, Campbell can ignore the result, but he does it at his peril and the price for all this anger will be paid. You might also question why the Liberals didn't change the initiative legislation to conform with their statements when they were in opposition. You forgot about that did you?
So Bill
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 26th April 2010
Does that mean you don't mind being lied to?
Right Bill
Comment by Jim Ippel on 26th April 2010
Eventually we will have to pay the piper, wether we want to or not.
This bill was written in the 90's by the NDP and written in such a way that it is absolutely and totally unenforceable. It is the same as the recall legislation, not worth the paper it is written on. The Gov't is only required to put it on the Order Paper, and then it will be sent into cyber space or voted upon. WHO holds the majority in the legislature??????????????
Do you honestly think the Gov't is going to vote down the HST now??
In all fairness, even the NDP is waffling on this new tax; one member stands up and states: We will abolish the tax, the next one stands up and states: We will keep the tax, and Carol James stands up and states: we will have to have a second look, and evalulate the situation(it's call sitting on the fence)
On a personal note, I do not like the HST, being on a fixed income, and constantly seeing my purchasing power decrease on a fixed income is very demorilizing. I spent 46+ years contributing to our economy, but any savings I have are being deroded because of a greedy society today that wants everything for nolthing expecting others to foot the bill.
Fair share
Comment by Barry English on 25th April 2010
Bill, I don't mind paying my fair share of BC's debt. What I object to is also having to pay the big corporations share at the same time.
Comment by bill(braam( on 24th April 2010
You can object to every tax that comes along, eventually we'll still have to buckle down and pay for the debts that BC owes.
Comment by Dr. Bruce Bidgood on 24th April 2010
Congratulations Arjunna and the other members of the local HST organizing committee. I think a clear message is being sent to the provincial government. Question is, "Is anybody listening?"