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REPORTING · 29th April 2010
Merv Ritchie
Update - It is installed and finished.
The flywheel representing the strength of the community, the torque and the everlasting power is being installed as we post this.

Ths flywheel was part of the steam driven power plant used in George Littles Saw Mill, which was located where the Safeway Mall is today on Lakelse Avenue. At the location where the flywheel has been placed today, underneath all the overpass fill, is where the Rail spur line came through to collect the finished product from the mill.

The Little Saw Mill operated for approximately 5 decades after it was originally constructed in 1910.

Bill Little, Georges grandson, was present to witness the ceremonial placing of the flywheel as were many members of the Greater Terrace Beautification Society who came up with the concept and carried it through to completion. Mayor Dave Pernarowski and Councillor Brian Downie were also on hand to officiate at this historic event for Terrace.

The Mayor spoke about the flywheel representing the strength and power of Terrace; the ability to endure and carry through the tough times. This is exactly what a flywheel is designed to do. The weight and the momentum evens out the moments of heavy loads and light demands so the machinery and the infrastructure maintains a constant rhythm.

This seems to be an appropriate symbol for Terrace.
Love the trees!
Comment by C. Arnold on 3rd May 2010
Keep them, they look great and completely relate to the whole purpose of the fly wheel... if they aren't there it will look like a big pinwheel or fishing reel without a rod. Some people just need to complain.
poor aesthetics
Comment by Carrie La Porte on 3rd May 2010
The evergreen trees entirely detract from the simple strength of the flywheel. They should be removed. More is not always better,
Great Job!
Comment by C. Arnold on 30th April 2010
It looks fantastic! What a great addition to the new extension of the park / pathway. Thanks to the Beautification Society for another great project!
Half and Half
Comment by David Russell on 29th April 2010
Driving back and forth across town for work related activities I saw the progress go up over the day. I loved the setup when it was just the base and flywheel. Not so hot on the evergreen triangle trees, I feel they make the whole thing too busy and breaks up the flow of the circles.

Great job though on adding a landmark to the city, little things like this build character to the city and I am thankful to the people that put it together.
Comment by Walter Fricke on 29th April 2010
I'd like to thank the Greater Terrace Beautification Society for a terrific job in making Terrace a nicer, cleaner place to live. Thanks Chris & team. Thanks for displaying a piece of our history for everyone to enjoy.