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CONTRIBUTION · 4th May 2010
Sylvia Stephens
This is long overdue, advice, join and make some noise.

Fed up with your band office not providing you with information on how band funds are being used?

If yes, then youíve come to the right place.
By law, band members have the legal right to obtain audit reports and Chief and council salary information. However, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) knows from speaking with whistleblowers on reserves across Canada, band offices often don't release the documents.

Thatís why we launched this site - to help you know your rights and how to receive information.

"I am glad to see that there is a band transparency web site being launched, it's unfortunate that it's necessary, however that is the sad reality of many First Nations Bands these days."
- Annie Brass, Kawacatoose
First Nation Band Member, Saskatchewan
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How to Get Your Band Council's Pay Information

The Department of Indian and Northern Affairs clearly says on its web site that band members have the legal right to get copies of their Chief and council's pay information.

The CTF was told by the federal government that if your Chief and council refuse to release this information, band members can get it by emailing the National Allegations and Complaints Coordinator.

Send an email to the National Allegations and Complaints Coordinator - CNAP-NACC,,, - and copy our office - bandinforequest,,, If you don't receive the information, we'll try and help you raise a stink.

How to Get Other Audit Information

According to the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs' web site, band members have the right to audits and other financial information. You can get it by filing a simple Access to Information form. Just like requests for band council pay information, we recommend carbon copying our organization when making such requests.

Take Action - Reforming Reserves

The reserve system has been a disaster Ė both for people living on reserves and those living off reserves. People on reserves typically have much lower levels of income, employment, education and life expectancy compared with aboriginal people living off reserves.

Solving the system canít be fixed overnight. However, one of the first steps in dealing with the problem is to learn more about whatís happening with the billions of tax dollars that flow to reserves annually right now Ė thatís why we launched this web site.

We have written to Federal Indian and Northern Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl and have urged him to begin posting band council pay and audit documents online.

Doing so would help shine a light on what is going on and would especially help band members hold their Chief and councillors accountable. Click here to email your Member of Parliament and urge them to push for reform.

Information Request Tracking

Below is a table of information requests made by band members to the federal government. The list below is not a complete list of all requests made, only requests the CTF has been copied on or made aware of.

Reserve Province Information Request Type Date Request Made Status
Misipawistik Cree Nation MB Audit Documents April, 2010 Pending
Tatasweyak Cree Nation MB Chief and Council Salary Info April 7, 2010 Pending
Kawacatoose First Nation SK Chief and Council Salary Info April 10, 2010 Pending
Sioux Valley Dakota FN MB Chief and Council Salary Info April 19, 2010 Pending
Waterhen Lake First Nation SK Chief and Council Salary Info April 26, 2010 Pending
Wabauskang First Nation ON Chief and Council Salary Info May 4, 2010 Pending