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NEWS RELEASE · 5th May 2010
Office of the Premier
In light of the revelations last evening from the Criminal Justice Branch, which was communicated to the Premier and the public after Vancouver-Fraserview MLA Kash Heed's reappointment was announced, Mr. Heed has advised Premier Gordon Campbell that he has decided to immediately step aside as Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

Mr. Heed anticipates a new Special Prosecutor will be rapidly reappointed and is confident that individual will confirm the findings of his predecessor which was the basis for his reappointment into cabinet.

Premier Gordon Campbell announced today that Attorney General Michael de Jong will be appointed as acting Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

For the duration of the interim appointment, de Jong will continue to hold the office of Attorney General.
Jim, one correction.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 8th May 2010
Actually the only change to my original post is the first "AG" is changed to "SG". Any other reference to AG is accurate. The Criminal Justice Branch is under the AG's Ministry. There was/is no attempt to mislead. All the rest stands.
Right Jim!
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 7th May 2010
So for the first two "AG's" in my post substitute "SG" and it reads the same. Careless I know but the points don't change. The SG post is a relatively new one created by the liberals.
Get it right !
Comment by James Ippel on 6th May 2010
First let me state that I do not agree what is happening in Victoria, but at least get your facts straight instead of trying to mislead people, intentional or otherwise.
Kash Heed was not the AG, he was the Solicitor General. The AG's office did not appoint the special prosecutor, this was done by the Criminal Justice Branch. As you well know, this is totally separate from government, and works independently. Had the AG's dept. been in touch with the Justice Branch, the Opposition would have screamed bloody murder for interference. Now that they have kept a hands off policy, and let the Justice Branch do it's job, the Opposition is screaming because the AG's ministry did not contact the Justice Branch and have them ask questions regarding the appointment of a special prosecutor.
Like I said at the beginning of this post, I do not like or agree with what is happening in Victoria regarding the Kash Heed debacle, but some of the comments by Opposition members, should know better.
For your information, the AG of the Province of BC is Mike deJong.

Slightly edited
Too Funny!!
Comment by Gerry on 6th May 2010
As the Gordon Campbell Traveling Comedy Show rambles on..This whole fiasco is something like watching an episode of Keystone Cops. What a bunch of bumbling fools...Here today..gone tomorrow....back reinstated...then gone again. The Liberals have had so many different public safety/solicitor generals my head is spinning. This Liberal Government is so corrupt and incompetent they just have to go, they are an embarrassment.
Alice in wonderland?
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 5th May 2010
You got to admit things are getting really weird down in the capital.

Somebody provides information to BC elections of some wrongdoing in Kash Heed's election campaign. They investigate. Kash Heed steps down from his post as AG. Somebody in the AG's office appoints a special prosecutor from a law firm that, unknown to anyone, donated money, to Heed's campaign. This special prosecutor finds three staffers should be charged but can find "no evidence" that Heed is involved. Heed is reinstated, says he's been exonerated, and two hours later the special prosecutor discloses that he might be in a conflict of interest and steps down from his job. Twelve hours later Heed resigns again. Now the questions really start.

Didn't anyone check out the BC election donors list? Maybe they did? Didn't anyone from the law firm clue in that maybe the perception of conflict would be enough to make them ineligible. Apparently they have been donating to the liberals since 2001. Who in the AG's office decided which firm to use? Did donations to the liberals influence the decisions? How come no one in the opposition checked the list of donors to the liberals and to Heed's campaign and the special prosecutor's conscience saved us?

I try to imagine what would have happened if the NDP in the 90's had done something like this. The fan would have been clogged with stuff. Just imagine!