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CONTRIBUTION · 7th May 2010
Kevin Gooden
A recent article by MoneySense magazine has named Terrace the 10th worst Canadian city to live in, and Prince Rupert the 7th worst. The article by Toronto-based writer/editor Bryan Borzykowski is derived from a report by MoneySense on the best places to live in Canada.

The report uses various statistics like house prices, employment, crime, climate and amenities to come up with national rankings, and its results are based on “indisputable data”, according to Borzykowski, who calls the cities in the bottom 10 “perennial losers”. The data manager for MoneySense, Phil Froats, joins in the name-calling, describing the cities at the bottom as a “sad sack lot”.

However, some research into the report’s data and methodology reveals its results are more than open for debate. For example, out of the top 50 cities on the list, an incredible 20 are found in Ontario, while only 4 are from BC. How can this be possible?

Well, take the report’s climate data. If your community gets rainy or cloudy days, it gets penalized. But in the summertime, cities that have high humidity and insufferably muggy weather don’t get penalized. Clearly, this will bias the report in favour of central Canada and penalize coastal regions.

Also, the report’s only “coldness” measure is how many days a city has below zero temperatures. There is no measure for how many days a city is below -20, or -30, or colder. So, according to the report, a city that has a temperature of -5 degrees for 100 days of the year, and a city that has a temperature of -30 degrees for 100 days of the year, are equally cold. Okay—doesn’t make any sense to me, other than it’s another clear example of a measure that produces a bias against moderate coastal regions.

Natural scenery and beauty? Not measured for the report. Good thing for some of those Ontario towns that rank so highly.

According to the report’s methodology, the UNBC university campus in Terrace doesn’t count. For some reason, only cities with the headquarters of a university get points. More Ontario favouritism?

All-in-all, the report has some clear flaws, pro-Ontario bias, and its results can best be described as “suspect”. Yes, we have some employment and economic challenges in our region, but we also have incredible spirit and potential.

Like to share your thoughts with Mr. Borzykowski? His email address is publicly listed at his website.

Money Nonsense
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 8th May 2010
Bay Roberts the worst city in Canada is a quaint, beautiful little place by the sea. You can see it in the photos. Its a place where people still don't lock their doors when the leave the house. It's a peaceful and pleasant place to live. When you judge a place by how easy it is to make money it involves no sense. MoneySense is an oxymoron.

I imagine if you asked the local politician at Bay Roberts he would be required to tell you that Money Sense was full of cod bait or some such unpleasant smelling material. Fact is the quality of a place is decided by the people that stay even if there isn't a snowballs chance in hades that they will get filthy rich in the place.

I wouldn't care to live in any of the places Money Nonsense claimed were in their top ten.
Terrace is the most Beautiful Place in the World
Comment by Dr. Bruce Bidgood on 7th May 2010
I also chose to move to Terrace from Southern Ontario. It is without a doubt the most beautiful place I have seen in the world. Terrace as one of the world's worst places to live....give me a break....clearly Mr. Borzykowski has never been to Windsor.
Comment by Walter Fricke on 6th May 2010
I left a great paying job in Dawson Creek to move here. My income is now substantially lower, but I feel my quality of life has risen exponentially. I get to go fishing every day if I want, there is clean water everywhere. The pace isn't based on being in a rush. It is less stressful living here, and that is a healthy attribute. And besides how many communities are like living in a postcard? Nope, I do not regret ever moving here. Life isn't always about the big paycheque to be happy. It's all in how you look at life.
Comment by eric gavelin on 6th May 2010
awesome this should keep all the yuppies out.So yes I agree Terrace is a absolutely terrible place to live there are far to many bugs in the summer no matter how many lakes you visit it will be the same story. Fishing is terrible since all your time is spent reeling stuff in which causes your beer to get warm before you can finish it The outdoor recreation lifestyle sucks because there is no one around to critique how you are doing something. I sure hate being able to engage in activities at a world class level with no one around to watch. So stay home besides we all have STDs lots of other highly contagious yet to be identified diseases