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COMMENTARY · 14th May 2010
Merv Ritchie
Only high grade rednecks and low brow economic cannibals will not understand the connection between the Dolphins and a Grey Whale appearing in English Bay at Vancouver BC. Vancouver was the birthplace of Greenpeace, a movement of caring for the Oceans and the environment which gained prominence by protecting whales.

‘Warriors of the Rainbow’ is the title of a book, authored by Bob Hunter and published in 1978. It details the Greenpeace movement from its inception, but for this writing the key topic is how Hunter spoke about the Grey whales. They seemed to know exactly why the Zodiacs were out on the open ocean. The Dolphins were there too. It was the 1970’s.

Hunter, a former Vancouver Sun Columnist and Greenpeace founder, described how they would search for and find a Russian whaling vessel then launch their Zodiacs and try to get in between the Russian ships and the Whales. What Hunter and the other Greenpeace members discovered is the whales would simply place themselves behind the Zodiacs, away from the harpoons. At one point in the preparations to go on the hunt to find the whaling ships, they encountered Grey Whales while out in Zodiacs near Tofino. They had been playing music in the water and watching the whale’s reactions. On one encounter while coming up behind a Grey it slowed down and then with its tail, lifted the Zodiac with three occupants gently out of the water and then just as gently returned them. Whales got killed of course but it eventually stopped with the exposure Greenpeace garnered against the killing of the whales.

Between July 17 and 20, 1976, the final Russian encounter, an awakening of awareness occurred, which had Robert Hunter write, “It was the real beginning of the brotherhood between living creatures.” They had tracked the Russian Whaling fleet and as they approached they noticed a harpoon boat suddenly switch course and plunge directly at them. That was when they saw the whales vapor puffs, which indicated they were racing straight towards the Greenpeace boat for protection. It was a stand off where the Grey Whales swam behind the Greenpeace zodiacs who were parked (one stalled) directly in the path of the Russian Fleet 1100 miles out from San Francisco. As the Russian Vessel, NK-2007, was bearing down on the Zodiacs, it slowed and stopped and the gunner stepped away from his harpoon gun. Hunter had actually put his hand against the ship and pushed on it as it put its engines in reverse, turned, and left the hunting grounds. At 11:00 pm on July 20 1976 the Greenpeace boat stopped following the retreating Russians and turned to refuel in Honolulu. The next day they were surrounded by whales that swam beside them for what Hunter estimated to be close to an hour. He described the final interaction as follows;

“Finally the whales pulled ahead of us, then, as if on a signal, they all halted, allowing us to glide right through their midst, while several enormous heads lifted out of the water to stare at us as we passed – silent now, everyone tingling, all of us chocked with the sense that we were taking part in an event whose meaning was probably beyond our understanding. It was as though the whales were saluting us. The whales were saluting us. It was a conscious and deliberate action on their part.” Robert Hunter died of cancer in May 2005.

Another Greenpeace encounter, which received plenty of media coverage, was at Albany on the southwest coast of Australia where whale carcasses were dragged up on shore to be slaughtered. Blood filled the water and white pointer sharks were always on hand for an easy feed. The naïve Greenpeace folks were unaware of this fact as they protested. The sharks had been measured to be as big as Orca whales, 3700 pounds and seventeen feet long. A gunman was always employed to try and keep the sharks back. Not one local was prepared to go out into the Greenpeace ‘rubber duckies’ (as Hunter called them), all expected to watch a shark come up from underneath. It was the only year the sharks didn’t appear. A group of dolphins appeared and swam back and forth across the bay. Dolphins are the only creatures in the sea who drive sharks away and Hunter referred to this incident as the “Dolphin Patrol had arrived to protect us.” The Villagers expressed shock as this had never happened before, the white pointer sharks had always been there for the feed.

Greenpeace had also arrived in 1977 at Douglas Channel, Kitimat and Hartley Bay. It was on the occasion of the blockade of the Princess Patricia where they along with the local Indian Bands stopped the consideration of building an oil pipeline to Kitimat and the shipping of tankers of crude oil through Douglas Channel. The Princess Patricia loaded with local Mayors, municipal leaders and oil executives actually picked up speed as it approached the blockade of small vessels in Douglas Channel. When the Skipper realized they were not going to move he did attempt to slow down but ended up running over a Zodiac, no one died.

On May 5, 2010 a Grey Whale swam into downtown Vancouver. This was followed by Dolphins swimming along and inside the coastal waters around Vancouver. All of this was very unusual, which had scientists justifying it by talking about the healthy waters as if we had all just lost our minds and forgot everything we know about the inside passage which is not about its health and ample fish stocks. This was within 3 days of Earth day and just a week after the public was made aware of the tragedy in the gulf of Mexico. The oil drilling rig had sunk to the bottom of the ocean leaving an open pipe of high pressure oil spewing forth like a punctured artery directly into the source of the hot gulf stream ocean current. This current may soon be carrying this crude mess along the entire Atlantic seaboard.

We have written about the theory of entanglement in previous articles. It is a physics principal which demonstrates how our thoughts change the environment around us. Physicists have been able to demonstrate how this action is immediate and world wide. It provides an explanation to how you might be talking about your mother, child, or best friend just as they call you on the phone from hundreds, indeed even thousands of miles away. Your mental energy picked up or transmitted a thought, which was instantaneously connected.

Aboriginals of all nations apparently understood this concept long before the Western/European powers colonized them and taught them this way of thinking was wrong. The aboriginal peoples stopped and listened to other life forms. They even took on names and attributes they felt best reflected their own understanding of life. James Lovelock, an Englishman, is 90 years old and he is attributed with creating the modern day concept of the Earth as a living organism. He called it the Gaia Theory. He is also the man who identified the Ozone hole. You do not have to be a native spiritual elder to understand the connected manner in which all living things co-exist. Just a thinking, reasoned person.

British Petroleum, along with other economic cannibals, drilled a hole in through the mantle of the Earth, 5000 feet below the surface of the ocean, then 30,000 feet further in towards the core of the planet. A pressure center was struck sending a plume of flammable gas to the drilling rig, setting it ablaze. The Earth now bleeds oil, (some still claim oil is decomposing dinosaurs, right, at 35,000 feet below sea level) and it appears red on the surface.

It truly is a sad day for humanity; the greed of the financial barons, the economic cannibals, so willing to sacrifice everything for their single minded narcissistic ways. One can only hope the mass of human consciousness can stop this insanity.

It is no surprise the Grey Whale showed up and swam right under the bridges in Vancouver, later followed by Dolphins, right after the very worst environmental disaster in the history of human expansionism. They are trying to tell us something. Vancouver was the birthplace of Greenpeace, the place of caring and compassion, a place where lots of people and lots of media are around to notice; a location where the political power will decide if oil tankers and off shore drilling on the west coast will increase or will simply be ordered shut down. It seems to be so obvious only a high grade redneck or a low brow economic cannibal would not understand it.

If you were a whale out in the Pacific fully aware of everything going on, because of your large and highly evolved brain, where would you go and attempt to wake up the human population? And it appears a second Grey went to Israel, the country that controls virtually all of the world’s media organizations. Naw, it must all be a coincidence, right? On second thought, aren't Dolphins used to assist autistic and others with extra sensory perceptions and understanding? Hmmm.

Post script;
On the Earth being a living organism Click HERE.

On Entanglement click HERE.
I Believe..
Comment by Pat Smart on 18th May 2010
I became a member of Greenpeace when I was 10 years old. I did this with my Birthday money from Grandparents. Lots of my friends thought I was stupid then...not so much now 30+years later.
Whales must have a short term memory
Comment by Shawn Ksisiiaks on 14th May 2010
I recall an oil spill in Burrard inlet in the not so distant past.

I guess the whales have forgiven us.