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CONTRIBUTION · 22nd May 2010
Carrie Chapple
frost was a living thing
the burning cold searing
into the very core of her
crystals of ice formed a necklace on her scarf
her hair swayed like kelp

an odour redolent of the sea rose from her
the Northern Lights were myriad gems
her fingers busied themselves
with sailor's knots
the catch was elusive

the tidal pull was strong beneath the frozen ice
rescue was just beyond the sea's greedy grasp
she hovered at the periphery of

the night clouds were distant sails
the last call of a gull heralded her ship
foundering then righting herself
caught between the floes

powerful forces threatened her hull
the ice devils danced as she fought
the keel cutting through the frigid waters
braving the uncharted
setting a new course toward
a warmer shore