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NEWS RELEASE · 1st June 2010
North Pacific Music Festival S
The Board of Directors of the North Pacific Music Festival Society regretfully announce today that Music & Friends 2010 will not take place this year as planned due to insufficient financial resources to host the two-day festival.

The success of Music & Friends is contingent on receipt of various government grants and Corporate Sponsorship. This year has been especially difficult as the effects of the global economic recession are still being felt at all levels across the country, province and certainly in the local region as the Northwest suffered a staggering setback with the loss of over 500 jobs and the resulting impact on local commerce.

Festival President Clarence Nyce states, “this is a very difficult decision for our Board of Directors to make, however, we remain optimistic for future festivals". He adds, “We simply could not responsibly move forward without the necessary financial support, not only would we fail to meet the fundraising objectives of the festival, but the financial risk to our society and directors would not be favorable. Music & Friends appreciates the difficulties facing many businesses in this region and are grateful for the interest that the community of Terrace has shown to our Festival".

Music & Friends would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to the various companies who were able to step forward and offer their support. Thank you Astral Media, Northwest Regional Airport Society, Rio Tinto Alcan, Progressive Ventures, Pacific Northern Gas, McAlpine & Company and the City of Terrace. We would also like to express our gratitude to Terrace Standard (Black Press), and for offering to provide support as well as the Chill Soda Shop.
sad, but....
Comment by Steve Smyth on 1st June 2010
Its a sad thing that this family centered event had to be cancelled and thanks to Clarence and all of the Board for trying to make it work.

Maybe the next time the usual suspects get on here vilifiying all businesses as evil and greedy and attempting to chase away all manner of investments from the north might take pause to realize what else they are also chasing away at the same time.

Without all those "evil profiteers" reinvesting in our communites, more events like this may have to be downsized and/or cancelled in the future and that makes us all just a little poorer.
just my .02