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COMMENTARY · 2nd June 2010
Merv Ritchie
I hide in shame when I consider the profound ignorance of our common man. David Suzuki got it right at the Solidarity Gathering of Nations in Kitamaat Village May 29, 2010. He used a quote from Einstein stating “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping to get a different outcome.”

So the truth is we are all insane. We continue to support our governments, vote for the next MLA, MP, Mayor, Premier, Prime Minister, Director, etc. If you are older, like me, you have performed the same voting exercise over two dozen times, every time getting the same result and every time expecting something different.

They call it British Parliamentary Democracy. The British part of that sentence should raise your hackles right away. If you should know anything about the British it is the Opium Wars. They demanded to sell Opium into China. China said “Hell No!” so the Brits bombarded the hell out of them. After a devastated Chinese Empire and after the humiliating Convention of Peking the Brits came and took Hong Kong for what they called a lease 99 years. More importantly they won the right to continue to sell Opium to the locals. This went on through the 17 and 18 hundreds; not so very long ago. The entire British fleet, the entire Commonwealth; Canada, Australia, everywhere the British Navy arrived, they arrived on Opium dollars. Drug dealers! And just where did this Opium come from? The British East India Trading Company, supported by the Queen, of course.

Okay. You who are reading this are on the computer. Look it up! Google Opium Wars, Hong Kong, Convention of Peking, etc and read the Wikipedia excerpts. Our collective cultural ancestry is all based on the drug dealing and genocidal policies of a corrupt regime.

I’ll try and stay focused here, I am so freaking angry at our collective stupidity.

They call it 'British Parliamentary' Democracy. The British Parliamentarians invented it you say? Pity.

The Lords, the house of Lords. The Land Barons, the Drug Barons.

So the Robin Hood crowd was pissed and they raided and stole from the ‘over fed’ and gave to the starving. Commoners rebelled. (Likely just like you and me). To avoid a complete revolt of the masses the Land Barons devised a system where every single person over a certain age got to vote. Okay you feminists, hang on a sec, you’ll get your turn. So the guys who were ready to rip down every brick of every castle were appeased. They got to see their buddy go and join the crowd in the government building. Welcome to the start, the first episode of expecting a different outcome over and over for two hundred years. It was all an illusion and it still is ‘cept every generation fails to learn and/or be educated by the past.

The system gave every guy a secret vote; no one could see who he voted for. That way no one could chastise a guy for voting for someone unpopular. Great right? No. The problem then, as it is today, that guy we vote for? travels to the Legislative building and when a vote comes up for a particular Law or Bill, our guy has to stand up and announce how he is going to vote! If he doesn’t vote the way he is told, is beaten, whipped, stoned, totally humiliated and kicked in the head. Okay so that’s an exaggeration. But the truth is an elected member must vote the way he is told, standing and very public.

Some freaking idiots proclaim ‘But I need to know how my guy voted.’ That is just what the Land Barons stated when they made up this system. “ Well boy’s, you know it might be nice, but if you don’t stand and vote publicly, how will your constituents know if they want to vote for you next time?” Well the simple answer to that is, ‘With this system I know exactly how he is going to vote before he does, as he is told!’

We will never have a democracy until we have a completely secret ballot, on every vote, in every legislative house in the country. Never. As long as our elected have to expose themselves to the leader of their party they will be compromised. In every Legislative house, Council, Legislature, Parliament, Board Rooms, everywhere. Only with this will we have a system where one cannot be punished for protecting the rights of society.

It is simple; a small pad of paper, one inch by two, one side with a removable ‘Yes’ sticker and one with a removable ‘No’. For every vote a bucket is passed around and every member drops the folded vote slip into the bucket and it is dumped out and counted in front of the members, not moved into a closed room.

This way the leader of the Party would need to consider the opinions of everyone considering the subject of the law or bill, Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Green, etc, etc.

Currently we have a Dictatorship bred from a Monarchy and a House of Lords who brutalized and still brutalize all the common people of every nation on the planet that was, and still is, part of the Commonwealth.

Today we have elected officials meeting in Toronto at the G20 and G8 meetings. It is all a show for the Administration of the system. There will be no new decisions. All have been made long before the meeting began. The Political leaders, all ‘Democratically Elected’ are simply following the directions of their masters, the administrators. This is as old as Caesar in Rome. The Brits just used it in a much more masterful and cruel manner.

British Parliamentary Democracy, what a load of nonsense.

And as for the Opium wars? We have one happening right now. It is called Afghanistan. The best military forces in the world are there purportedly to be looking for one guy while watching every movement of every camel and donkey, yet the export of this wonderfully profitable product is up 100%. It is being flown out on planes and driven out by the truck loads. No, it isn’t just smoked and snorted, it is the key component to most of the Pharmaceuticals most of us purchase every day; morphine, codeine, thebaine, hydromorphone, hydrocodone, oxycodone, oxymorphone, desomorphine, diacetylmorphine (heroin), nicomorphine, dipropanoylmorphine, benzylmorphine, ethylmorphine and buprenorphine. These are just the pure names. Most ingest huge quantities of variants of these every day. Most have no idea. I wonder where the Companies get the raw material from. There are legitimate growers certainly. Australia is one certified supplier. But for feeding the masses, welcome to Afghanistan.

Today we find the Americans demanding a Jamaican guy accused of selling drugs in Jamaica be extradited to America to face charges, just like Marc Emory in Canada. The home Country of the citizen handing over the citizen to another Country is extraordinary.

Yet it happened with Manuel Noriega. Remember him? He assisted the CIA in refueling their planes in Panama after the Black Ops delivered Guns to the Nicaraguan Rebels battling the Native population. The CIA picked up Cocaine from Columbia and delivered it to the USA to sell for funds to buy more guns. Noriega kept fueling the planes on remote airstrips, made huge coin, got promoted, then led the Country of Panama. As soon as he didn’t cooperate with the Administration of the good ol USA they arrested him on Drug Charges. He was the Leader of a different Country! And we think we can stop the extradition of pot seed selling Emory? Simply cutting into their trade.

Nope, not in your life. No democracy here. All Autocracy.

Okay girls, us guys did our best, we struggled and fought, but we do not have your attention span. One offer of drink or a fling and we lose it. The House of Lords knew that too. So we compromised ourselves. You rose up and took up the fight, demanded a vote too. Great the Administrators decided. Let’s make a big deal of giving the woman the vote. ‘A great achievement for the rights of women.’ Id Jits!

Nothing changed it is all the same. Men never ruled a damn thing. It was all an illusion.

That's enough for this rant and I haven’t even addressed the British designed legal system. The only justice you can find with this second British design is the words ‘Just Us’.

Secret ballot or death.
Comment by Gary Mills on 6th June 2010
Great article Merve! I too have been disgusted with this system of government for many years. After the defeat of the Proportional Representation referendum in the last election I told myself that i would not bother wasting my time voting anymore.
The main flaw in this Westminister parlaimentary system of government is the dictatorship of the parties. When the citizens elect a representative they expect this person to represent them and express their wishes in the House of Commons. This is the core of Democracy. However, this has been corrupted by this idea of party solidarity which forces representatives to vote how they are told. It would be a great step forward towards a real democracy to mandate that representatives must vote how their constituents want them to vote and not how they are told to vote by the party.
The nexus of power seems to rest in the Cabinet (the visible part at least). Therefore I think the best way to truly get a form of democracy happening would be to apply proportional representation to the Cabinet. This would ensure that all citizens have a voice in running their lives.
I also think we should have more say in the business of government with a system like in the states where ordinary citizens can propose laws for referendums. Maybe when we elect a representative we should also vote to establish some priorities (say 3) for the government to tackle in its term in office. This way whoever wins would have to address the priorities that the citizens had established instead of the priorities of some nefarious backroom cabal.
We will never have a true democracy...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 3rd June 2010
...until the people who represent us are selected by a system that gives everyone equal opportunity to be selected. That is equal opportunity to be a candidate; that means get rid of the party system and equal opportunity to be elected; that means having equal funds to run a campaign. Then you need to get rid of anything resembling a "House of Lords" or Senate and having secret ballots will be unnecessary. You also need a mechanism to challenge media outlets on the objectivity of their reporting so that no person or group has an advantage in getting their message out.

Through the internet we are accomplishing the latter but until those things happen we will continue to have a plutocracy.
apologies, Merv
Comment by Eric Roy on 3rd June 2010
I admit my comment about one considering themselves a journalist went a bit too far. I should have worded it differently - I had no intention of it being a personal shot. I was more or less inferring to the Terrace Daily being an online newspaper, with articles that some may take as being journalistic in nature. For you to imply Wikipedia as being a dependable source when Wikipedia itself pretty well says "no we're not" - I just found that bit slightly amusing. I'm not questioning history (I know it happened), just questioning your sources - which, last time I checked, is still OK for us insane people to do in a democracy.
Comment by Eric on 3rd June 2010
While I see the point of the article and agree that we're all insane, I got a bit tripped up on this comment: "read the Wikipedia excerpts". From Wikipedia: "Users should be aware that not all articles are of encyclopedic quality from the start: they may contain false or debatable information." I would hope that anyone who considers themselves to be a journalist would seek out a more reliable source than Wikipedia.

Merv's reply: Yes, agreed, except these references are factual history which a reader can look up in their home encyclopedias (if anyone keeps them anymore). Secondly, I have never claimed to be a journalist and take great exception at being co-opted into that crowd. And please ad your last name when commenting. We encourage people to stand up for their beliefs.