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CONTRIBUTION · 4th June 2010
Stuart Horner
Open Letter to all Terrace City Councillors and the Administration Staff of the Corporation of the City of Terrace.

On April 27th and 28th, 2010, for 25 minutes between 2:45 and 3:10 pm , I video taped traffic and driving behavior, which has caused me serious concern. Following is a link to the video I have posted on YouTube; a small sample of what I see everyday when dropping off or picking up my child at Kiti K’Shan school on Graham Ave and Eby in Terrace BC.

I filmed this because I am sick of seeing the same drivers day after day for the past 2 years running stop signs, not waiting for kids to cross on the crosswalk and speeding past the school at twice the speed limit everyday and nothing being done about it.

This is not an isolated incident or just this school, street or intersection. This problem will not go away with the school moving next year. I could film this kind of behavior anywhere in 25 min or less. The shocking part about this video is this was the only 2 times I took my camera to the school. This was not cherry picked video of hours or days of trying to film this. This is just a random shot at this intersection. Often it is worse!

It is a shame the way drivers behave in a school zones. It is even more dangerous how they drive outside of one. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say most of the time this town sounds like a race track. Almost every time I step outside I hear drivers doing burn-outs or flooring it downtown. I see drivers going 30 km/h or more over the speed limit down Kalum, Eby, Halliwell and many more streets daily. I feel embarrassed for the tourists that come here thinking it's a quiet little laid back town.

Do we have to wait for a tragedy before something is done about the poor driving habits in Terrace? I can't understand why traffic violations are not a priority for the RCMP? Car crashes kill and injure more Canadians than any other crimes combined. I have not sent this to the RCMP as they simply don't have the resources or the time to be effective. I did however post this on a web forum hosted by Police forces of Canada and received a less than positive response.

One of my biggest concerns is the guy at 02:10. He has been driving by the school on the cell phone at 50-60 km/h blowing the stop sign almost everyday for the past 8 months. This guy should not have the privilege to have a drivers license in my opinion.

I am unsure what you have within your grasp, your power, to address my concerns. I do know you have been very successful in redirecting the Police services to manage the downtown intoxicated embarrassment. I hope you can find a way to encourage better and much tougher enforcement around those most vulnerable, our children and their habitat.
Comment by Stuart Horner on 27th June 2010
Somehow I am not surprised that 3 weeks have now passed and not one member of council has replied to this letter (they were all sent separate emails) Nor did I see one unmarked police vehicle at this school.

I do thank the school board and Nathan Cullen for at least a reply on the issue.
bad drivers
Comment by tracey charlton on 7th June 2010
It simply amazes me that the very parents of these children in this school (or other schools because I see this in Thornhill all the time) who are supposed to protect their children are putting other children's lives in harm! It is only a matter of time before something happens and the police do patrol the school here and there... and of course when people see police cars they are going to slow down and behave! I can't tell you how many times I have also driven past women drivers who are MOTHERS and they are STILL talking on their cell phones while driving!
Update on Graham
Comment by Christene Kennedy on 5th June 2010
Was no sooner last night when I had posted my comment to this article, and there was an accident almost right infront of my house.

We where just heading to go to town, I heard my boyfriend exclaim words I can't write here, and this car hit the ditch skidded along in the ditch, hit the culvert..bounced across a driveway and landed on its side in the other ditch, was speed a factor? I am not sure I do know that a car going the speed limit might not have made such a leap, thank goodness the young boy and the young lady where not hurt!

Please people: its getting nicer outside, kids are outside playing , people are out walking, take the time and slow down.. this is a street not the highway.. Last night two people where very lucky it could have turned out a lot worse.
I agree
Comment by Walter Fricke on 5th June 2010
I wholeheartedly agree with Stuarts observations. How about the majority of vehicles making a right turn onto Eby from Highway 16 on a red light without slowing down let alone stopping? Or the drivers that block lanes at peak times trying to get a coffee in a drive-thru lineup. The corner of Kalum and Keith can be frustrating about 8:00 a.m. Maybe the RCMP with the blessing of the City and ICBC can do a blitz on all these infractions.
Blame Game????
Comment by James Ippel on 4th June 2010
It is very difficult to fault RCMP, as they cannot be at every school everyday. There is only so much manpower available.
If this particular school has an ongoing problem, then may I suggest that parents phone 911 constantly, and emphasize the problem. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
Another little know fact is that those who are charged with speeding, speeding in a school zone, or erratic driving in a school zone will have their penalty reduced by as much as 50%, and sometimes more, just for pleading guilty. The courts feel that a guilty plea reduces court costs, and thereby is a saving to the taxpayer. Unfortunately, a guilty plea does not make it safer for children walking to or from school. It only makes the Judge or JJP look good because they have settled so many charges without lengthy court procedures.
An aside: put me in charge, and we won't have a lot of nonsense going on in Court. I would run a COURT OF COMMON SENSE, and you will hope you never appear before me.
Common sence will prevail. Each case will be judged on its merits, and technicalities would be disregarded.
Comment by Christene Kennedy on 4th June 2010
I happen to live on Graham and I fully understand what this person is trying to get across in this You Tube veido, I am totally amazed that no one has been hit yet! Thank goodness, I have had cars speed and pass me in the school zone on a street where you cannot pass! Between the speeding traffic...the semi trucks going up and down all day and into the evening someone is going to get hurt yet.

Please people SLOW down there is no where you need to get 5 mins sooner.. there are little ones around.
What about FOX PRO?
Comment by Patricia St. Thomas on 4th June 2010
The City of Terrace, because Graham is a secondary traffic route, also condones Fox Pro teaching semi tractor trailer driving from 7:00 am to 10:30 pm along Graham Avenue. Many times these new drivers have a parade of a half dozen vehicles behind them when the trainees are trying to learn to shift. There are 3 schools and the Child Development Centre on the Eby-Graham intersection and I have been complaining about this for several years.
Poor Terrace Drivers
Comment by Neil Okabe on 4th June 2010
I can't believe law enforcement in this town are not paying more attention to those that; don't stop at stop signs or red signal lights when turning right. Just sit in the parking lot across from the police station and watch traffic come off the overpass and turn right on a red light without even touching their brakes.

This type of driving practice will someday hurt or (heaven forbid) kill some innocent pedestrian. I sure hope it doesn't take the latter until those guilty are penalized for their ignorance.