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NEWS RELEASE · 11th June 2010
City of Terrace
The recent announcement from Canadian Bio-Coal Ltd. regarding their intention to establish a bio-coal production facility in Terrace is welcome news to the City of Terrace.

“I am very pleased with this announcement and believe it is great news for the residents of Terrace.” said Mayor David Pernarowski. “The facility will provide direct employment opportunities, as well as spin-off jobs in the forestry sector and supply chain, to our region.”

A number of Terrace organizations worked together to ensure this project came to Terrace. The Terrace Economic Development Authority, the Skeena-Nass Centre for Innovation in Resource Economics, and the Northwest British Columbia Forest Coalition worked cooperatively to convince Canadian Bio-Coal that Terrace would be an ideal location for their operation.
Looking at the math
Comment by Deanner on 26th May 2011
Looking at the numbers presented "200,000 tons of wood fiber per year to produce 67,000,000 million liters gas" ; if my math is correct; one logging truck load (~33 tons net) would produce 10,050 litres of gas. Wow!... So much for the Alberta Tar Sands; lets go logging!
I call BS.
Comment by Adam Kirkwood on 14th June 2010
Read the story under this one... the one that reports the 160-190 jobs in the forest sector... that's truck drivers, fallers, equipment operators, support staff, truck shop employees and anything else you can think of. Also, read carefully so you can realize that this is the type of industry we've been waiting for... one that takes a resource (in this case it's something that would just sit in the bush and rot), makes it worth more and sells it for a profit...

this is great news... this is also just the beginning... other industries will see that we're open for business and follow suit...

Up with Optimism!!!
Good News
Comment by Barry English on 13th June 2010
Not that I am knocking this announcement at all, . . .but since when is twenty jobs a huge employment boost for the community?

We are consistently being promised "Tens of thousands of jobs in BC", but if we get these 20 jobs next year, that is only a drop in the bucket next to what we have lost in the last ten years. I am pleased that Canadian Bio-coal is coming to Terrace, but I am not going to fall all over myself congratulating everyone in sight over twenty jobs.

Now if someone would bring back a working sawmill, employing 100 plus, and stop exporting raw logs, THAT would be real cause for celebration.