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REPORTING · 17th June 2010
Merv Ritchie
Crews are busy again at the Post Office intersection in Terrace. After this intersection was reconstructed in 2009 many expressed concerns about the re-installation of the traffic signals. The majority of drivers felt the four way stop was adequate and functioned much better in moving the traffic.

After a critique was written, read it HERE these newly installed lights began falling to the ground due to the poor grade of fabrication materials. The lights were made of plastic, not metal as the previous ones were. The engineers went to work and in their wisdom designed metal plates to 'beef up' the area that was failing. This proved unsuccessful as well.

Today, Devon McCauley from Bryant Electric is hoisting up real, 'all metal', traffic signal boxes.

Many still feel this is a poor alternative to simply a four way stop. Waiting on Emerson to go straight through is generally a quick light change unless there is opposing traffic and a driver wishing to turn left is in front. The light returns to red so quickly one generally has to wait for the second green to appear. The same issue presents itself if a pedestrian is crossing and a driver wishes to turn right or left. We have many elderly and handicapped persons in the down town area and at times lots of pedestrians walking to and from the farmers market and the park. This invariably causes a time delay and some frustration to drivers traveling through on Emerson, sometimes having to wait for two red lights.

Yesterday the RCMP issued a news release on the most dangerous intersections in Terrace. Read it HERE. One of which was pointed out in the commentary written last year. Kieth and Kenney has seen fatalities and violent crashes on a frequent basis. Maybe, if the City cannot afford to purchase another set of traffic signal lights they could simply move a set that impedes traffic flow.
The plastic signal boxes are now off and McCauley works on installing the metal signal boxes
The plastic signal boxes are now off and McCauley works on installing the metal signal boxes