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CONTRIBUTION · 22nd June 2010
Evan Jennings
Today I was leaving the Skeena Mall parking lot through the "T" intersection in front of Video Stop, when a lady in a car blew right threw the intersection, turning to the right. A young child was trying to cross at the time and was almost hit. At the last second the lady noticed and stopped to let the child go across.

After the child finished crossing the lady sped away and I was absolutely astonished at the rudeness of the driver. Even the child stared at her as she pulled away.

The real problem in all this is that this is all too common in our town. A stop sign most of the time just means yield to the right of way. For some drivers, THEY always have the right of way.

There are many problem intersections in this town, especially the one right in front of city hall. It seems nobody understand the rule of Right of Way. If you want to see what is the proper way then CLICK HERE to read the ICBC driving manual for learners. It explains in detail the proper procedure of going though all types of intersections.

This has been a long going problem and I am not the first to notice it. A local resident had also noticed these problems back in 2008. So what did he do? He videotaped them and posted them onto Youtube. You can watch drivers breaking law after law after law. If you're lucky you might even see yourself on there.

If you want to see these videos JUST CLICK HERE to start on Day 1.

Everybody blames the kids for being such terrible drivers, but who do they have to learn from? We need to set an example to the younger generation on the proper way to obey the rules of the road.
Workers not stopping
Comment by Brian Grant on 30th June 2010
Just Today, By Feeney st..super store..A Garbage truck FAILED, never stopped ,,, a STOP sign..jus barreled out on Kalum...The Driver was also speeding...the Company..Wasted Management..WM..June 30, the morning..wonder whom was scheduled to pick up Garbage at that time..hello WM! tell your drivers to obey Stop signs! reckless

City Police? RCMP= fail!
Comment by Stuart Horner on 25th June 2010
This town sure is ripe for the picking. If I was a traffic officer, I could easily give out thousands of dollars in tickets a day with 3 others. I say we get rid of the RCMP and get city police like city council mentioned a few years back.

Drivers need to be priority... not the drunks fighting in their homes. Domestic abuse needs it's own division.

3-4 officers on duty at a time is not working. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. It's insanity!

Good drivers are a huge minority. I would guess 90% of drivers in Canada wouldn't want tougher enforcement on our roads, that's why it will never change. Not enough people will ever get together and do something about it.

So... if you can't beat them, join them.

I'm going to get my windows tinted, take my signal lights out, install some HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlamps (w/o the lens) to blind everyone, not forgetting to turn my fog lights on day and night. All stop signs will now be (stoptional) and I'm always going to drive with a dog on my left arm, a smoke in one hand and my cell in the other. I will cut every corner I come to and never hit the brakes when someone is turning in front of me. More ego points to me if I come within 3 inches from the bumper.

I'll wait until I'm driving to put on my seatbelt, or if I see a cop... what-ever comes first. I should get a big loud truck that pukes out thick black smoke when I walk on it at intersections. If kids or tourist are standing near, you get 20 extra ego points.

Pedal to the metal everyone. Beat yah there!
Another show of stupidity on the road
Comment by Edgar George on 25th June 2010
Well, another driver showed me how stupid he is. I was on my way back into town on thursday evening around 8 PM and this idiot passes me just on the straight stretch by the Copper Motel, but he wasn't done; just as he got around the corner past the auto wrecker's he passed another vehicle. I am seeing more and more idiots out on the road these days and why not, there seems to be no one around to put a stop to it; could these idots and the low profile of authority be the reason for our fine city deemed the 3rd worst place to live?
Terracites Ignore Rules Of The Road
Comment by Edgar George on 23rd June 2010
It is very unfortunate that this town is riddled with bad drivers.On Tuesday afternoon, I saw a work van do a U-Turn because the Skeena Bridge was closed,not only that;he ignored the yield sign and pulled out in front of a truck that was already through the intersection and totally ignored him. this driver of the work van was casually talking on his two-way radio that was in his vehicle,oblivious to what was going on around him.I see these work vans all over town speeding and not paying attention,something needs to be done and soon.
Comment by wanda kerby on 23rd June 2010
A very common problem - if you are waitng for the walk signal which you have pushed, when it comes on drivers turning to the right will fly right through without letting pedistrians walk when it's the walker's turn. It is very dangerous and unpredictable. If the police sat right by their station at the light on Highway 16 they would find lots of aggressive offendors. Thanks.
Comment by Linda Haines on 22nd June 2010
Do you notice also where the red car (the one on the right in the picture) is "parked" to run that movie back..the passenger even left their car door open for a quick sprint. How lazy can one get, and it's very dangerous.
I have seen a few close calls in that very spot due to idiots like this.

Wake up people...and stay off those cell phones!!!! I was behind a woman texting like crazy on her phone yesterday, It was nice of her to look up occasionally before she almost slammed into the person in front of her.

This morning, I saw a guy talking on his cell phone with one hand, smoke in the other hand, swerving all over the road, here I thought he was drunk. We have all of these new laws and they are not enforced, I just don't get it.