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Mayor Dave Pernarowski, MLA Robin Austin and MP Nathan Cullen with their gifts from the Kermode Friendship Society
REPORTING · 28th June 2010
Evan Jennings
For those of you who were either too busy to come out or just didn't want to brave the weather, here is a few pics of the National Aboriginal day celebrations at George Little Park.

The weather may have looked terrible throughout the day, but the rain stayed away. There were some awards given out to various people from the region for various outstanding acheivements in the community. Also there were various performers playing throughout the day as well as various MC's from CFNR.
"Wild" William Wesley with MC Matthew Daratha striking a pose.
"Wild" William Wesley with MC Matthew Daratha striking a pose.
June 21 is "Aboriginal Day."
Comment by Janice Robinson on 16th July 2010
The people who organized the festivities got it all wrong....again.
I do not know who organized the event . The Kermode Centre should also know better. They seem to organize these special events to suit ......who?? The community at large? Themselves (maybe)? Tourists?

Earth to Kermode Centre: Aboriginal Day is on the 21st day of June. The Summer Solstice is also meaningful to us.
Would you move your July 1st celebrations to convenience yourself and others??
I didn't think so.
Uh...I thought names were required.
Comment by M Johnson on 6th July 2010
The previous comment following this article was submitted and accepted from an emailer by the name of "unknown".

I thought comments were not permitted without disclosing real names. Have the rules changed? I may have missed that notice somewhere along the line. Was there a rule change? Kindly let us know.


In any event, have a good day:)

Ed Note: Yes, sometimes innocous/humourous comments are allowed through, those that are simply entertaining and not venting on a political topic or attacking in some way. Oh, who is M?
who was that sexy MC
Comment by unknown on 29th June 2010
I was just wandering who that sexy MC was