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REPORTING · 30th June 2010
Evan Jennings
According to the Terrace RCMP community relations officer, Cst. Cindy Nunes, at approximately 9 am yesterday, June 29, the Terrace RCMP and BC Ambulance responded to a report of a 4 car collision on Hwy 37.

Just south of Williams Creek towards Kitimat from Terrace at a construction zone a car traveling northbound (towards Terrace) failed to stop for a flag person. This car rear ended the car waiting in the construction line up which then rear ended the car in front of it with the same happening with the next car resulting in a 4 car collision.

A total of 7 people were involved and two were transported to hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

The driver who caused the collision was fined under the Motor Vehicle Act for Fail to Stop for Flag man.
Comment by Edgar George on 1st July 2010
Using your hazard lights is a very good idea,but since the morons who don't understand what a construction zone is; still won't understand why the car in front of them has their flashers on. It's amazing how no one was fataly injurd in that accident,especially the person who was flagging. There's a sign posted that traffic fines double in a construction zone; I really hope that idiot who caused the accident gets what's coming.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 1st July 2010
When you are stopped at a construction zone by a flag person, it is a good idea to turn on your hazard lights until there is a car stopped behind you. Flag people are sometimes not visible, nor is the sign they hold, when there is a fairly long line of vehicles stopped.
Comment by eric gavelin on 1st July 2010
Another prime example of why Terrace is

To the person who caused this you are a absolute moron pay attention before you kill someone.