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REPORTING · 14th July 2010
Merv Ritchie
BC’s minister of Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources, Bill Bennett, has once again opened his foul red necked mouth in text and live. He was forced to resign three years ago after attacking a constituent who disagreed with his Liberal position.

He wrote to Maarten Hart, the president of the Fernie Rod & Gun club on January 29, 2007, stating “It is my understanding that you are an American, so I don’t give a shit what your opinion is on Canada…” and later adding “…I am not about to take that kind of bullshit from someone who, for all I know, is up here as an American spy who is actually interested in helping the US create a park in the Flathead.”

He concludes his letter with “I will continue to work for hunters and anglers in the East Kootenay as I always have and you will continue to be a self inflated, pompous, American know-it-all, have a nice day. Bill Bennett.” Article HERE

In 2009 during the provincial election, an ad displayed a picture of his Anglo-Saxon/white family with a tagline that appeared to attack his opponents first nations heritage stating “You want someone who pays taxes and is concerned with how the money is being spent.” and referring to Bill Bennett, “He’s one of us”. Article HERE

On January 16th Steve Kuijt, a tourism operator, wrote complaining about Minister Bennett’s promotion of coal bed methane development at a Fernie Chamber of Commerce function where he was featured to speak on tourism. Bennett responded with a lengthy email describing Kuijt as “bigoted”, “ignorant”, “viscous”, “short-sighted” and “mean-spirited”. Article HERE.

Yesterday Bennett claimed an email he sent out stating that those environmentalists and community members wishing to protect the flathead were “eco-fascists” was not sent out by him, but by a new and junior employee, even though it came from his own personal email. Article HERE.

It remains to be seen if anyone in British Columbia will believe Minister Bennett’s claim and if he fires a likely innocent party.
Right Steve/Barry
Comment by James Ippel on 15th July 2010
It is about time someone came out and slamdunked the environmentalists, and those who object to any kind of exploration, or utilization of our natural resources.
Our resources are there to us for the benefit of all, and can be used with minimal impact on the surroundings. There are ways we can live with nature without major disruption.
If we lived by the laws of the environmentals, we would all be starving, because we would not be allowed to fish, hunt, harvest the trees, fish, crabs, etch. All of our forest lands would be turned to Parks, and off limits.
Hat off to Mr Bennett.

Give your head a shake envir/eco terrorsists, and smell the flowers.
I agree with Steve
Comment by Barry English on 15th July 2010
Believe it or not, I actually agree with part of what Steve said. . . "Lets let his constituents decide".

That sounds like a great idea, and November is fast approaching. Maybe Bill Bennett will be the first sucessfully recalled politician in British Columbia.
Bennett, what a guy
Comment by Michael Bruce on 14th July 2010
So I followed a few links in this article to see just how un-vapid Mr. Bennett is.
Whoeee, he's the type of guy I would want to sit well away from at a meeting just in case someone thought I was associated with him.

His remarks do nothing to convince me that he should be in politics.
On a bar stool, yes. In a cabinet seat, no.
Comment by Steve Smyth on 14th July 2010
nice to see a politician actually speak his mind instead of toeing the party line and dancing from one sanitized, vapid quote to another.

Lets let his constituents decide if he speaks for them.