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COMMENTARY · 20th July 2010
Arjunna Miyagawa
It's been a couple months since the new owners of Don Diego's, Gerran Thorhaug and Sierra Harris took over from Richard and Annalee Davis, the establishments original owners.

Yet in those two months not much has changed. When you walk by you can't spot any changes, nor can you if you poke your head in and take a look around. In fact, even if you eat there, you will be hard pressed to find much for change.

Now for those of you who have been a loyal patron since the beginning, you will know what I mean when I say, little change is a good thing.

Dick and Annalee spent close to 30 years pouring their heart and soul into this restaurant and in the process created something perfect. So why change this? The new owners understand this and in fact have embraced it. According to Gerran they have not changed much as they have done their best to keep the things that make the place what it was, as they are.

The menu is pretty much the same except for a few more items to choose from during lunch and dinner. Even the staff is the same.

The only other changes to date are their hours of operation that have them serving food in between lunch and dinner, a few new items such as crab cakes, barbecue pork enchiladas, a slight increase in the dessert selection, and minor changes in some of the dishes aesthetics.

So now that the initial few months has passed, the new owners are starting to feel settled in.

I asked Gerran how things are. "I am really enjoying the lifestyle," he replied, "The staff are really amazing."

He also noted that he is enjoying the challenge of being a business owner and that he is happy to have the chance to spread his wings and be involved in the community.

I recently visited the owners and decided on a late lunch. Late as in 3:30. I was feeling my usual indecisive self, so Sierra and one of their servers, Jen, took it upon themselves to eventually coax me into ordering the Mexican Torte. I am glad they did, as it was fantastic meal and just the right amount food to send me home for a little nap.

I have been a big fan of Don Diego's since my days of working there in early 90's and I continue to be one under the new ownership.

Dick and Annalee have left some big shoes to fill, but I feel pretty confident that Gerran and Sierra can pull it off.

For more info on Don Diego's call 250.635.2307
Sierra and staff
Sierra and staff
Hot sauces on the wall
Hot sauces on the wall
Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake
The popular carrot cake
The popular carrot cake
Fare Well
Comment by Terry Gresl on 22nd July 2010
A fond adieu to Dick and Analee.
Don Diego's
Comment by Robyn Waterman-Harris on 21st July 2010
Years ago in my teens and early twenties I worked at Don Diego's, it was my first and most influential serving job. Sierra is my sister and my dearest friend, however, like Arjunna, I had a deep love and attachement to Diego's and the way it's always been. I love Sierra and Gerran both and even I was worried things would change too much, but I've heard nothing but good things and I am so proud of how hard they are both working to please everyone, staff and patrons alike. I know how important it has always been to them to be able to contribute to the community and I know that this has opened doors for them. So happy for you guys! Your loving sister and customer for life! xxx
A great article
Comment by Carol Fielding on 21st July 2010
Thanks Arjunna for this great article about Don Diego' are right on so many accounts.

My Step-Daughter Monica works there and was there when Annalee and Dick owned it and loved working there. So she still enjoy's working under the new ownersip, in fact speaks very highly of Gerran and Sierra.

No better owners could have taken over this legacy, Gerran is such a community booster and supporter.....he was the energy during our Hockeyville campaign that brought forward the Mikeburger as our signature food during all our events. We are lucky to have him and his lovely lady Sierra as the new owners and as continued supporters of Terrace.

BTW....the desserts look amazing....will have to go early one night before I have to pick up Monica and try that chocolate cake!! I also have heard that they make the best Sangria in the NW.....will have to try that too~

Cheers & Congrats~