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The original Staff of ET Kenney School on April 30, 1968
CONTRIBUTION · 23rd July 2010
Mary Robinson
Friday, June 25, marked the end of E.T. Kenney as a primary school. For three years Suwilaawks Community School has been composed of two buildings, E.T. Kenney and Clarence Michiel. All students from Grades K-7 will be in the Clarence Michiel building in September.

E.T. Kenney began as a primary school in 1967. At that time the open area in the center of the school was the gym. Later it became the library and the heart of the building. The welcoming atmosphere and the openness of the school will be missed by many.

Mary Robinson taught Grades 2 and 3 at E.T. Kenney for 30 years from 1977 to 2007
Mary Robinson and Wendy Berg
Mary Robinson and Wendy Berg
Mr E. T. Kenney after whom the school is named.
Mr E. T. Kenney after whom the school is named.
A further note
Comment by James Ippel on 26th July 2010
After my post of three days ago, I did some thinking, and lo and behold, I came up with another complaint.
Remember our "Bandshell," designed by Jim Ryan, an acoustically sound building, which projected sound all the way up onto the bench???
and now compare that to the piece of "WHAT" we have now, which does not project sound across the street, (even if musicians will set up). Something they will not do in inclement weather.
I guess the reasons put forth for tearing down a perfectly good building is people were drinking and fornicating in it when it was'nt being used for musical events. Have our brilliant?? city fathers/mothers not heard of steel gates (the type used on store fronts?) For a fraction of the cost, these could have been installed on the Bandshell, and we would have a usable/functional asset, instead of a million $ plus autrocity.
Just a thought I pass on.
Right on Steve
Comment by James Ippel on 23rd July 2010
Your comment has got to be the best I have seen posted in a long time.
I personnally knew Clarence Michiel, and found him to be a man truly dedicated to education, and any other endeavour he put his mind to. I did not know Mr. Kenney, but I am sure he had the same dedication.
Another name that seems to have gone by the wayside is Jack Cook. The school named after him seems to have disappeared off the radar as well, and again a man who dedicated many years of service to the local schoolboard, both as a trustee and chairman.
Because of political correctness E.T. Kenney, and Clarence Micheil schools were renamed Suliwaacks??, a name that even had the Mayor of Terrace stumbling.
Mr Hallsor is right when he states that something else should be done to commenorate ET Kenney.
My suggestion is that "Spirit Park" immediately be renamed "E.T Kenney Memorial Park.' That way we will have two pioneers remembered in a common area. Mr. Little and Mr. Kenney will be jointly remembered side by each, and " Clarence Michiel School" immediately retain its name.
If you want something named after you make a meaningful contribution to the community you live in, and kiss politcal correctness out the window.
Remembering ET Kenney
Comment by Bruce Hallsor on 23rd July 2010
I remember going to ET Kenney when the Gym was in the middle of the school. We had to change into our gym strip in our classrooms, with the Boys going to one side of the big teacher's desk, and the Girls going to the other side. No peeking! I was in Grade 3 when they opened the new Gym and we had change rooms.

ET Kenney was a very important figure in the Development of the Pacific Northwest of British Columbia, and of Terrace specifically. If the school is gone, there should be something else done so that his name is properly commemorated in Terrace.
sad, but....
Comment by Steve Smyth on 23rd July 2010
a sad testimony to the fact that our children are all moving away and growing up and having their children elsewhere.

Here's a suggestion-can we now end the pandering to political correctness and return Clarence Michiel's name back to where it belongs?-maybe we can also transfer Mr. Kenneys name to the newly opened school on the bench while we're at it?