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CONTRIBUTION · 24th July 2010
Randy Halyk
Dear Premier Campbell,

I have received a letter from Chief Councillor Dolores Pollard in response to the invitation I sent to her and others at the Village of Kitamaat. As you can plainly see, she refers to other letters documenting an ongoing discussion about the Eurocan Closure. In these letters, it indicates that the Haisla are in discussions with Mr. Kenneth Howes, Manager of First Nations Consultation and Negotiation and Ian Sharp, Regional Manager Skeena Region, Environmental Protection Division. To engage the Haisla on the Closure of Eurocan.

My concern is where the Viability Group fits into this scenario. Surly we had a right to know that this negotiation was going on. The District of Kitimat, the Union, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Forest Ministry, the Rural Secretariat, and NDIT have all invested in a study that proves that Eurocan is a viable mill and can run with a profit by using the Poyry model. Armed with the information that the Haisla and the government are engaged to make sure Eurocan stays closed, we may not have followed the path we did, how the Provincial Government could support our endeavor and the Haisla at the same time smacks of hypocrisy. We have been fighting the shortsightedness of West Fraser, the Haisla and now it seems the indecision of government.

I relied on the good graces of government all through this, and the Viability Committee has been open and transparent throughout, yet it seems that your own Ministers are not communicating amongst themselves or are, which would prove hypocrisy. We have spent in the hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to be accountable to our community with the Province investing $20,000 dollars and a further $20,000 from NDIT.

It can only hope that there are no other back room deals struck that make it impossible for this model to go forward and create positive change in this region. What a phenomenal waste of time and money if this is the case.

Randy Halyk

Randy Halyk is a District of Kitimat sitting elected Councillor
Comment by James Ippel on 28th July 2010
You state it like it is.

People complained about the smell of the Pulp Mill, but they did not refuse the paychecks that came along with that smell, (huge yearly wage increments I am sure).
Then Haisla, I have heard, claim that the Pulp Mill drastically reduced the Oolican run, but to date I have not seen any veriviable research to support this fact/theory. We must keep in mind that there are species of salmon that have had drastic reduction in numbers of the years, but have rebounded. Do small local impacts have such drastic effects? I think not. We have no control over what happens in the oceans, nor do we have control over the Alaskan fisheries, who impact our fisheries to great degree.
Addressing the tourism aspect of your letter, I think the tourists are more than willing to put up with something odiferous because of their desire to catch fish. The may complain about the smell, but will keep coming back for the challenge of catching a fighting Coho, Chinook, or Steelhead.
With regard to the Gateway Pipeline and the targeting of the Haisla in regards of this. To be brutally frank, when any First Nations oppose "ANYTHING", the Media is all over it like "FLEA on a DOG". They will promote those in opposition, because it is the "Politically Correct" thing to do, and ignore those who are in favour. I may be wrong, but you will have to convince me with facts that every First Nations Member of the Northwest is opposed to Enbridge, (despite their bad record) and their pipeline to Kitimat.
Thank you for listening to my rambling, perhaps someday I will say something intelligent.
the hypocrisy here...
Comment by Barbi Wilson on 27th July 2010
is that we all ASSUME things.
that is when we get ourselves into trouble.

i am a HAISLA member and am appauled once again by my fellow members being ONCE AGAIN blamed for someone else's negligence.

I have not heard of this going on but what are the haisla's to gain from keeping the mill closed. NOTHING REALLY.
BUT to get another hand into the sale pot is what we ALL really need and WANT, money to use to go towards MAKING KITIMAT stay alive and prosper.
ya i am sad that people, friends and family members lost their jobs.
all eurocan did for us was pollute the air we breathe and boy did it stink just like the waters they too are polluted.
YET at the same time create jobs for numerous people.
Frankly that stink smell is what is keeping tourists away and frankly this is where i'd rather spend our monies on TOURISM.
there will always be tourists and they do love our kitimat but really hate the smell.
i say this because as a young person have had the pleasures of meeting quite a few tourists first thing said is what is that bad smell?....

Right now the Haisla members are being targeted because of the gateway pipeline that is being discussed.
As a Counsellor u really need to pay attention to WHO U R BLAMING when u point fingers there are always fingers pointed right back at you.
a "Polititians" JOB is NEVER OFF DUTY.
Facts Straight!
Comment by Brian Grant on 26th July 2010
I believe Kitimat City Council, should get there facts straight before crying foul. The article about Haisla asking the Provincial Government to cease Eurocan??? wth is this Kitimat City's councillor starting up...Randy Halyk.

It was the City of Kitimat, & Chamber of Commerce; that turned a Blindside of Environmental issues when Eurocan was found guilty, on more than few Environmental occasions, causing penalties and fines for the company to pay; few years ago of polluting the Kitimat River .

Haislas are never against Eurocan , we have our people whom were laid off at Eurocan to..; but wish the Mill would better keep up there Environmental issues of an outdated Mill!

This issues was on the Table long before Eurocan closed & Now Kitimat City Council & its Viability Group finally has something to say

Environmental issues still need to be addressed!
Comment by bill braam on 25th July 2010
What interest does it serve the Haisla to have Eurocan stay closed, other than the pollution?
our two-faced government!
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 24th July 2010
Thanks Randy, for voicing our concerns. I fear where Mr Campbell may file your letter. This is a government that doesn’t listen when it comes to admitting their wrong-doing! They have been double-dipping into our tax paying pockets to fund opposing agendas. This is not only crazy-making, but criminal! How can we hold Gordon Campbell and his Ministers accountable for this exploitive misconduct?!!!!