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Greer Kaiser(Middle) and Anya Carrel(Left) of Yuppy Puppy Cafe handing Judy Chrysler  one of the new Farmers Market shopping bags
COMMENTARY · 26th July 2010
Arjunna Miyagawa
We are coming to the end of the first month of the newly installed HST. As you shop or eat around town you will find a few businesses that are giving their patrons a break from the new tax.

Shanghai Dynasty and McBike are among businesses yet to charge the tax. For us consumers it's a great way to save 12% percent.

There is another place that we can all keep a bit of extra pocket cash when making an exchange for goods, and that's at our local Farmers Market.

This past Saturday hundreds flocked to George Little Park to enjoy music, food, and shopping.
The park's new face lift, although a seemingly controversial one, has undoubtedly given the market a shot in the arm.

The long cedar benches in the park were packed with people sitting in the sun enjoying some local food and music. The asphalt was littered with the footsteps of residents and visitors cascading back and forth through the market.

In the market's previous location people would do the loop, make a purchase or two, grab some food, mingle a bit and that was all she wrote. With the new setup of the market, there is a new vibe and that is one of a bot of relaxation. The beautiful benches allow market goers to sit back and relax while listening to the live entertainment or to just sit, eat and converse.

What this translates into is a larger crowd as people are seeming to stay for a longer period of time. It even gives the live performers a reason to really give it all as they have a bona-fide crowd to play for.

There also seems to be more vendors since the move and a larger variety of goods being sold. A small list of things to purchase at the market would include, dog pillows, dog biscuits, pickled veggies, plants to candles, baked goods, jewelry, meat products and more.

The farmers market is a great way to spend a Saturday morning eating, shopping and just simply enjoying the best the region has to offer.

Tastes of Terrace poster
Tastes of Terrace poster
Kaylie Payne and Carmen Mailloux selling pickled veggies and jams
Kaylie Payne and Carmen Mailloux selling pickled veggies and jams