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CONTRIBUTION · 28th July 2010
Dave Brocklebank
Back in May I was offered a "save the HST" renewal on my magazine subscriptions if I renewed them before 1 July even though they were not due for renewal until the fall.
I assume the same could have been done for things like Sirius or XM radio and maybe even Bell ExpressVu and Starchoice.

Anyhow - there appears to be a double standard, at least as I was told by a guide outfitter.

Guide outfitter clients book their hunts a year in advance and pay for them in advance or at least a hefty deposit.

The guide outfitter I talk about has been in a fight for several weeks now with the tax boys as they want him to pay HST on his booked and paid for hunts because they are taking place after 1 July 2010.

As he puts it - he made a deal with his hunters for a price and cannot go back now and ask for more money - a deal is a deal - so he's going to have eat the difference/loss or else lose his customers - probably for many years.

Way to go Gordo! you sure are encouraging foreign money into BC.
Comment by les wamough on 29th July 2010
David, sorry to here about the passing of Dan Pakula. Give my regards to family up there.
Les Watmough