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NEWS RELEASE · 27th July 2010
BC NDP Caucus
New reports out today show that since the HST was implemented on July 1, British Columbians have become increasingly concerned about making ends meet, the New Democrats say.

Consumer confidence is at an all-time low in British Columbia, according to the Conference Board of Canada. B.C. saw the biggest drop in consumer confidence in the country, losing 12.5 points.

“The B.C. Liberals caught consumers and business by surprise when they announced the HST last summer after pledging during the election not to do so. Now that people are paying the tax at the till, it’s not surprising that B.C. consumers are having a crisis of confidence in the B.C. Liberal government,” said Bruce Ralston, New Democrat finance critic.

“The people of British Columbia have spoken loud and clear and warned this government not to move forward with the HST, but the B.C. Liberals just won’t listen.”

Conference Board economist Todd Crawford told the media that the drop in consumer confidence “coincided almost one-for-one with the onset of the new HST tax in British Columbia.” The only province with a lower consumer confidence than B.C. is Ontario, which also brought in the HST earlier this month.

“The B.C. Liberals’ HST doublecross has undermined consumer confidence, and it couldn’t come at a worse time. Just as we should be building the economy to create jobs as the world emerges from the economic downturn, the B.C. Liberal government is taking the opposite approach,” said Ralston.

Ralston pointed out that an Angus Reid poll, also released today, shows that British Columbians are more concerned about both the state of the economy and their own personal finances than other Canadians. The only other province where people show the same level of concern is Ontario.

“The B.C. Liberals made a desperate grab at $1.6 billion in federal transition money to attempt to cover up their budget lie before the election, and already British Columbians are paying the price, both in a compromised economic recovery, and through $1.9 billion in higher taxes,” said Ralston.

Elections B.C. is currently vetting the Citizens’ Initiative petition to stop the HST, which gathered an estimated 700,000 signatures.
Good gracious!
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 31st July 2010
I don't need any help from Adam to explain my point. You know if it talks like a duck and walks like a duck, it must be a duck. But I guess it could be anything not on the current political scene, like green.

I guess if the BC Legislative Hansard is something James refuses to read because I referred it to him and therefore it must be "a slanted version" of something....well. As Joe Friday said, "Just the facts James". So far all you have given us is conjecture and hearsay. The same stuff that is refuted by looking at the facts. Since we are in the superficial discussion, tell me James, how has your cutting the liberals so much slack when they screw up so much, benefited the Northwest. You know if you believed less of their spin because "it might be slanted". we might be somewhere. Nah, it is easier to pick on the past NDP because you won''t get a defense from the current crop of Dippers. They haven't figured out yet that silence on some issues is interpreted as consent. So enjoy paying you cash grab to the liberals. The will thank you when they announce that there will not be a deficit just before the next election.

There is a very good account of the Barrett years in the book "Son of Socred" by Stan Persky. Who backs it up with newspaper articles and official documents. But hey, it might be slanted more than a Liberal Press Release.
not a liar...
Comment by Adam Kirkwood on 31st July 2010
Helmut didn't call you a liar James... he called you dumb as a sack of hammers... and I remember that you're on a fixed income and if Steve makes more that 250 a year I'm in for a raise... so, he definitely called you dumber than a sack of hammers...

it's sad really... you've never personally attacked him...

I do agree that the current gov't are both liars AND dumber than a sack of hammers... but the alternative ain't much better...
Comment by James Ippel on 30th July 2010
Not intelligent enough for figure out if you called me a liar or not. Hopefully you did'nt. You see, I grew up in the country, 40 kids to a class, several grades in one class, no silver spoon, and learned the three R's. For the uniformed and unwashed (pampered city folk) this means Readin, Ritin, and Rithmatik.
Asd for giving me website links to visit, forget it. I don't believe in going anywhere you suggest, because it possibly is a slanted version of the events.
You seem to forget that under the regime of Mr. Barrett we had a lot of people move to BC. They came from all over Canada (it was reported, probably by the Global News Media you find so appalling) with the blessing of the local governments. Here is a One Way bus ticket to BC., please don't come back.
For you to suggest that the Liberals are the only MORALLY CORRUPT gangsters in BC politics is a real stretch of the immagination. WE could bring up Bingo Gate, and more, but won't go there.
You make the point of how many new mines have opened in BC under the Liberals ? I don't have an answer, but will make this comment: if we did'nt have so many damn environmentalist, (in the most part, US funded), eco-terrorists, professional agitators, and First Nations oppostition, we would be a province of wealth. We would be able to supply the Health Care, the Education, and other services that we as taxpayers demand, but don't have the money for.
I still hav'nt figured out wether you called me a liar of not, Helmut, but I really hope you did'nt. I would find that really offensive.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 29th July 2010
My point was and is that most of the rhetoric about the 90's is just regurgitated Canwest propaganda. So unless you can come up with before and after population figures in the 90's and then compare the before and after population figures for the Liberal decade of despair, most of it is horse poo. How has the New Era of Prosperity been evident in Terrace? How have the Liberals protected us from an economic meltdown better than the NDP dealing with the Asian meltdown? How have these guys done with the forest industry (exclude Terrace if you like)? How many new mines have opened under the mining friendly liberals? How many closed under the NDP? (remember I know the answer to that one) What is the child poverty rate in BC now compared to the 90's? I could go on but don';e give me that crap about all of us being better off now that we are regularly being lied to by a morally corrupt bunch of Liberal gangsters in Victoria.

Is it a personal attack when you are really repeating a load of crap? There is no excuse these days for accepting the versions of events put out by the establishment media for the benefit of right wing government. Just a little research is in order. For example: James makes a comment about Dave Barrett back in 1975. Just a simple read of the event here would be enough to dispel any myths about what actually happened.

The HST is a lie from beginning to the end. It is no more than a cash grab. Not necessary at all. Only necessary to bail out the liberals from their mismanagement and any apologists deserve to be called out. Only the very gullible would believe anything coming out of the BC liberal spin machine
Comment by Steve Smyth on 29th July 2010
Personal attacks Helmut? I expect better from you.

Nowhere in my original post or any post that you will find does it indicate i am a supporter of the HST, or any other tax for that matter. In the words of Dennis Miller ""I don't mind helping the helpless, just not the clueless" and that goes for any party of any kind
You must admit Helmut that during the NDP "reign" in BC, we led the country in exporting people to other provinces-about 10,000 a year if I recall correctly-now that is probably the ultimate statement showing a lack of confidence.

My message is simple-get your greedy paws out of my wallet, all of you.
James and Steve..
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 28th July 2010
...never met a liberal liar they didn't love. If you guys had some facts to prove your claims, people might pay attention. After the Socreds sold the assets accumulated by Dave Barrett the alleged deficit was wiped out. The Socreds cooked the phony audit when they took office.The liberals in 2002 took surpluses of $2 billion and blew that and sold off our resources for pennies and now find themselves staring at a $1.8 billion dollar deficit. They've lied to the electorate no less that twice before elections and still use our tax money to cover their lies and you guys just keep coming back with the same load of horse poo. Either you are two of the folks who make more than $250,000 per year so have benefited from all the tax breaks or the phrase "sack of hammers" comes to mind.

Give us all a break and go back to sleep.

Comment by Steve Smyth on 28th July 2010
Sometimes sarcasm doesnt show up well in writing. :-)

Im no fan of the Natural Disaster Party, otoh-Im no fan of governments of any stripe who continue to dig deeper and deeper into my back pocket to fund pet projects of any kind.

The message to all levels of Government no matter what "ist" you call yourself is simple "Don't come begging to me until you have your own house in order"
To Steve
Comment by James Ippel on 27th July 2010
It is nice to hear from someone who has so much confidence in the NDP, and actually thinks they can do no wrong. Let us go back a few years. Wee Davey Barrett took over from W.A.C. Bennet, and in less than a year blew all the money in the bank account and lost the province its Tripple A
rating on Bond Street.
In the 90's the province went to hell in a handbasket, thankyou to the NDP's policy on mining and exploration. Save the forests, save the Spotted Owl, and to hell with the well being of the tax paying citizens.
I am not in favour of the HST, but am also a realist. We, as a society demand all kinds of services from Government, and we all know that in order to supply these service, the Gov't must tax people. They must also tax big businss. What we have to accept is the fact that big business employs people, who in turn pay various taxes, contributing to the overall benefit of society. Therefore, is it not beneficial to tax big business at a lower rate so they can in turn invest, and employ more people. When we have more people putting money into the pot, we all benefit.
This discussion will go on, I am sure. Have a good day.

Comment by Steve Smyth on 27th July 2010
Thanks for the update guys! If anyone should know about plummeting consumer and investor confidence its the NDP, so I take this as expert advice.