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CONTRIBUTION · 1st August 2010
T. Walker
I'm wondering if anyone has an explanation for the two glowing orbs in the north east sky - visible last night after the fire works. I know of 4 other people who saw them and other people in cars stopped to watch - so I'm not the only one to see them. Any ideas about what they were - other than aliens coming to watch the fireworks?
(which were great and thanks to the volunteers who handled the show)

Editor addition: We have had another report of two orange objects making some dramatic sharp angle turns, stopping and moving again. This observer, who regularly watches the sky's, planets and satellites, reports he has never seen anything like it. Was so taken by his observations that he does not even wish to be identified for fear of ridicule.

He describes the various new military satellites now crossing north to south, those not mentioned in any media, but these observations of two nights past were not satellites. He states is most certain of that.
Thanks Jason
Comment by Amateur Astronomer on 4th August 2010
Well then my only theory is correct. The only thing it could have been was a balloon with a light attatched.

Nice try guy on Agar.
I also saw an alien
Comment by ALF on 4th August 2010
I saw an alien as well....he was 6 feet tall....wore a somberero and was holding a bottle of was paco.
cause of UFOs
Comment by jason ruchotzke on 4th August 2010
About two weeks ago I was at a friends house on agar and I saw the same two lights floating in the air. Attached to the lights where balloons, I then figured out that the man across the street was making something and attaching them too the balloons and letting them fly. I am 100% sure of this.
UFO Siting
Comment by Joe on 4th August 2010
Me and a buddy where waiting on a cab outside my house, and he looked up and saw some lights coming our he said look at that...and we watched it slowly roll across the night sky and disappear all of sudden..I thought it was a low orbit satellite but then it stopped and changed direction and speedup and just disappeared...very weird feeling afterward..but almost slipped my mind a few minutes later about what I saw..
Comment by Patrick on 3rd August 2010
It's funny that I came across this article because on that same night two friends and I definitely saw something interesting in the night sky. My friends and I were outside near the George Little Park when at approximately 12:45 - 1:15 am on July 31st we saw several lights that formed a directly vertical line (perpendicular to the ground) moving across the night sky at a moderate pace. I mean by all literal definitions this was definitely a UFO, I mean, to us it was unidentified and it was most certainly a flying object. However, this obviously does not mean it was some form of alien aircraft, but it was, nonetheless, a most peculiar phenomenon we witnessed. At first I assumed it was a helicopter carrying something across the sky (and that the lined up lights were a result of lights on the wire suspending the object it was carrying), however I'm not entirely sure if the helicopter would have lights running down the wire and that it would be moving something at night. Regardless, this was certainly interesting, and I'm intrigued to here that many others also had UFO sightings that same night. Just thought I would relate our own "UFO encounter" story of that night.
Comment by Shannelle on 2nd August 2010
Last night I had friends over and we were sitting on my deck and I seen lights but no one else was facing the same direction. We all tried to look but nothing reappeared.
Wish I Had Been Looking Up...
Comment by Courtenay on 2nd August 2010
Wow, I feel like I missed out by not seeing this phenomenon! I hope someone figures out what it was, sounds pretty incredible. Perhaps I will be more inclined to look up at the sky instead of the ground when I'm walking at night now ;)
We saw it too!
Comment by Kellie on 2nd August 2010
My family was visiting from out of town and we where sitting on our deck watchin the fire works when of us looked up and thought those fireworks where weird...2 orange/white lights just moving slow then back the other direcction the back again then just disapeared...we thought we where being silly but to read everyone's comments confirms our sightings....
Comment by BRUCE L AZAK on 2nd August 2010
I'M very sceptical, dont believe until I see it, n if it where not for my step-daughter seen the same thing as I that nite, I would not have beleived it. but there it was orange lights in the sky, n by the time I said look at the lights they disappeared, I just thought a plane had gone behind some clouds, but they never reappeared.
Saw them the night prior.
Comment by Darrin on 2nd August 2010
Some friends of mine and myself were having an outdoor party the Friday night of riverboat days on the far end of Medeek Ave when one of our friends noticed an EXTREMELY fast satellite. A crowd gathered and we all began to notice the strange movements of this glowing balls as it deferred from a straight line in to some of the weirdest movement patterns I've ever seen. It zig zagged and looped around the night sky as we all stood in complete awe. I have no explanation for what it was.
Comment by Kelly on 2nd August 2010
I saw it also on the night of the 31st moving west to east , my wife and daughter and i were star gazing when the object appeared, at first we thought an airplane but then saw the orange light moving around the White object in an unusual fashion!! I have worked around aircraft for 23 years and never have i seen anything like this! It made me question what we saw over and over. I even reported it online and never thought i would do that!? At least i know now that i was not seeing things.
I am a hard nosed skeptic
Comment by Name withheld by request on 2nd August 2010
I am an amateur astronomer in Northern British Columbia. I have been watching the skies most of my life (30+ years). I have memorized the location of all naked eye stars and most deep sky objects in the 14.0 magnitude and brighter range. I have a very good custom made 12.5" telescope that I observe with.

In all my years observing, filming and photographing the skies, never have I saw anything like the 2 objects I observed between 11:10 and 12:10 AM PST on July 30-31, 2010.

I am a hard nosed skeptic when it comes to the "UFO" phenomenon as being extraterrestrial. I have watched almost every video and photo on the subject... none have convinced me.

So what do we have in low orbit that is brighter than the ISS and can change speed, direction and stop? I am positive it was not an iridium flare, satellite, helicopter, airplane, or birds.

The first object was enough to alarm me, the second object was shocking. It was almost 2 times the magnitude of the ISS (mag. 3.0) and had a strange red-orange disk in front of it. The red-orange disk was not a lens flare or internal reflection of the binos. (I did two quick tests to rule that out) I observed this object for approx. 10 min. changing speed, direction and stopping twice. I have video of the first object, but have not looked at the footage yet to see if my camera picked it up.
Comment by T. Walker on 1st August 2010
I talked to someone who thought they might be helium balloons with led lights inside and they disappeared because the balloons popped.

Could be. Who knows.
I saw it too!!
Comment by S. Davis on 1st August 2010
I saw it too! Saturday night around 11:05 PM during the fireworks. It was a circular object that was flashing a bright white and red/orange color. I thought it was an airplane at first but it wasn't moving! I watched it for at least 5 mins and it didn't move.. thought maybe for a second that it could be a UFO but second guessed myself thinking I was being silly! I'm surprised to see that others had seen it too! Would like to know what it was?
Comment by The Russell/Scotts on 1st August 2010
We were sitting in our back yard and saw a bright light in the sky with two lights spinning around them, then after a few minutes the lights switched and went the other direction, but the orb continued to travel along a path, and it was quite low, we thought that maybe it was a weather balloon or something, but then all day today we have been pondering other ideas.
Reply to UFO
Comment by CVandermeer on 1st August 2010
My husband, myself, a friend of ours and our two daughters, saw 2 light orbs last saturday night at 1145pm..
We watched the light orbs, float in semi circles, and sway back and forth for almost an hour.. We looked at them thru binoculars, and all we could see was light, nothing connecting the two lights..
I sent an email off to a fellow in the Bulkley Valley who is a researcher of UFO"S in our area.
He couldn't explain what it is that we saw..
So, yeah, i now believe in UFO's.
They were there.
Comment by Evan Jennings on 1st August 2010
Yes I saw them last night also. There was three white lights with an orange light on either side. The lights were in a straight line and the line would alomst teeter totter throught the sky.

It seemed to stop every few seconds also. Can anybody else confirm if this is what they saw also?