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The winning Duck
CONTRIBUTION · 2nd August 2010
Merv Ritchie
Winners list produced

Video of Duck Race Uploaded

Update; This is an unofficial report of the Wild Duck Race results;

The winners were as follows:

Car - Dan Boivin of Terrace

Hawkair flight - Ray Flaherty of Terrace

Safeway Gift Certificate - Eric & Joel Johnson of Salmon Arm

Canadian Tire Gift Certificate - Paula Koch of Terrace

Last year during the dropping of the wild ducks into the Skeena River the bag of Ducks got hung up and the chopper needed to do a second shake to release them all. This year it all functioned smoothly.

The first duck out of the bag is clearly visible. It got an early start to the river and was able to take a lead against all the others.

Later the duck quacked, "I wiggled my way to the bottom of the bag. I saw where the opening was where we would first fall free and I nudged a couple sleepers out of the way."

It paid off as this Quacker hit the Skeena in full flight. His legs were ripping fast before the cold water had a chance to take effect, his body heat already high.

"I knew it would be a bit of a shock hitting the cold water on the Skeena River but I knew it wouldn't be too cold as the water level is low and the air temperature is high. I was actually looking forward to a fresh gulp of the clean Skeena River."

Watch the event HERE.
The Chopper rises above the Skeena River Bridge and spectators
The Chopper rises above the Skeena River Bridge and spectators
A full bag of ducks ready for a swim
A full bag of ducks ready for a swim
The duck bag is empty
The duck bag is empty
Getting ready to catch the ducks
Getting ready to catch the ducks
Thanks Rotary!
Comment by friend of the duck race! on 4th August 2010
Thanks for this funny article it made my day!
Congratulations duck race winners
Comment by Sarah Zimmerman on 3rd August 2010
Thanks for your apology, Merv. We try to get the information out as soon as possible, sometimes not as quickly as we'd like!

Congratulations to the winners of this year's duck race. Proceeds from this terrific fundraiser help support all sorts of important projects in our community and we're grateful to all those people that support this event by purchasing tickets.

We're especially grateful to all those people who volunteer on Race Day - from the helicopter making the drop, to the Rotarians, friends and family members who sell the tickets, to the folks involved in the duck rodeo, to those who have the distinction of plucking the lucky duck out of the water - many hands truly do make light work and it's always a reminder of the amazing community spirit we have in Terrace.

The duckies will spend the next year in their winter hideaway and will re-emerge next year for another big swim.

Rotary Club
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 2nd August 2010
We have made numerous attempts to discover who won the car.

Maybe they, like the City of Terrace, do not wish to provide us timely information so that Black Press and others who are owned in the Southern half of the province can benefit even more from the Terrace residents.

But that just sounds like sour grapes. There is no evidence to support such a claim.

We offer our sincere apologies to Sarah for the previously posted disparaging remarks. We expressed our frustration of the difficulties experienced with the City of Terrace and our years of effort attempting to provide a good, timely and informative service to the community. Although this is true, taking the frustration out on Sarah was clearly wrong and we apologize for doing so.
So who won?
Comment by C. Arnold on 2nd August 2010
So do we know who won? and how much money did the Rotary raise with the event this year?

Maybe they are still counting and notifying.
not to be a nitpicker, but...
Comment by Adam Kirkwood on 2nd August 2010
it's quack... quacker, quacking, from the verb to quack...

just call me the typo police