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P.S.A.'S · 10th August 2010
Merv Ritchie
For those who missed the Riverboat Days Parade this year, and for those who just want to see it again, we have uploaded the 2010 Riverboat Days Parade in its entirety.

There were many long delays, stretches of the line without floats or exhibitors. We have split the video at these points to shorten the entire the video without cutting any of the parade.

In four parts for ease of viewing,

NOTE: These Videos are no longer available!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four
Parade chairperson
Comment by Joyce on 1st August 2011
Thank you to Merv for Video taping the parade.
To all those who commented about the great parade thank you. I have been chairing this parade for 18 years now and this was one of the best I have chaired, it was hard to do the line-up as their were so many float entries this year...Hats off to everyone who worked so hard to the display of fantastic floats that were showcased this year....You are all winners and also the spectators that came out to support the parade, I know the participants thank you all...
Thanks a ton
Comment by Margaret Myburgh on 12th August 2010
Thanks, guys, I actually missed the parade, so it was great to be able to see it after all. Will enjoy showing it to my Grandchildren in South Africa.
Good bye and God blaess to all Terrace residents, I have had an awesome holiday and shall miss you all.
Good RiverBoatdays
Comment by Brian Grant on 12th August 2010
2010, overall..Riverboat days..was a good one! weather was Awesome..Parade was good, but not what! everyone had a good time..all that kids enjoyed it along with my nieces:) Good turn out..i saw many lined up right down towards Mcdonalds,

Concerts in the park was kool..Music was great..

But One peeve i Have with the park, the City Should BAN!! smoking within the limits, especially when Events are on...too many smokers light up, in front of families, kids, seniors........Ban smoking in Parks....:)
I agree with Vern!
Comment by Lorn Goldman on 11th August 2010
What good is it having a parade of company vehicles, many of which were not even cleaned or waxed before show parading downtown? My idea of a parade is not company vehicles and city vehicles!!!!
Agree with Linda
Comment by Christine on 11th August 2010
WOW, I don't know what parade Verna went to watch, but I had a wonderful time and thought the whole parade was great, yeah so what if there was a few slower all caught up and heck the weather was sunny.. if your there to watch the parade then you can't be in a hurry ..
Linda is correct a lot of people spent a lot of their own free time and their own money to make this possible every year for us here in Terrace...

I truly enjoyed the time I spent with my Mum and Dad while we watch this years parade and that is what the whole day is for enjoying it with family and I also saw many other families enjoying time together!

Thanks Terrace and for all the hard working people that pulled off the Parade!
Just curious Verna...
Comment by Linda Haines on 11th August 2010
Which floats did you work on???How much money did you donate towards them???

Lots of time and money was put in to the parade, great costumes and more candy handed out then I have seen in many years.
Please remember these people have jobs and all of it was done on their own time and money, I think it was wonderful, great job Terrace!!
Thanks Merv for covering it all too, we have a great picture of your car too!
Riverboat Days Parade
Comment by Verna Jordan on 10th August 2010
Without a doubt that is the most pathetic excuse for a parade I have ever seen! With the exception of a few floats that obviously had some thought and effort put in to them, the rest can be seen on the streets on any given day. Come on, Terrace! Let's show some civic pride!