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COMMENTARY · 11th August 2010
Merv Ritchie
Every time someone wants to rant about the abuses of an elected official or the activities that abuse due parliamentary authority, people use the terms Nazi, Fascists or refer to Hitler. It is similar to the term ‘Watergate’. This ‘Gate’ is used to conjure up images of wrongdoing in all types of unrelated events. In BC the last use was Hydro Gate when it was inferred the BC NDP party abused BC Hydro. Now there is even ‘Rail Gate” the BC Government being raided by the RCMP and the BC Government destroying emails and records which were necessary for the courts to determine the truth.

So many of these terms and events events appear to be window dressing on the real issues. The real issues can boil down to very simple terms. We all want to be fed clothed and have shelter; the basic requirements of life. As benefits to living we also want to have a compassionate loving (sexual) friend/partner/wife, raise and be part of a loving close family. These are the common values of all reasonable people. There are narcissistic individuals always, those who are psychotic or pathological, but for the majority, the former values are the common bonds that bind us all as a human race.

Nazi, Fascist and Hitler are window dressing because they cloud fair judgement. There is no denying the death of hundreds of thousands, even millions of people during the Second World War. These deaths occurred on both the allied and axis powers sides. Just because the Hitler Government targeted specific groups and set up incredibly cruel camps does not excuse the American and Canadians from fire bombing Dresden killing untold hundreds of thousands of innocents and nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing that many and many more. We are all guilty. Claiming it was necessary to end the war is a lie. It was an abuse of ultimate power on innocent people, non combatants.

To have a comfortable and reasonable life as we all desire we need a way to exchange our time and labour for money or goods. This is called an economy, something we seem to be currently grappling with. There are shysters around every corner attempting to steal your opportunity without doing anything. Guys like Bernie Madoff (nice name), Corporations and Banks, insurance companies and even our very own governments all seem to want to take from the hard earned effort of the common man and woman. Now the common man is getting mad, pissed off, so much so the Americans even elected a black President; unheard of change!

Eight hundred years ago the common guy got mad too; mad as hell, so much so that the King of England got scared. So scared he agreed to a set of terms and rules we now refer to as the Magna Carta. Those of us who were lucky enough to go to school when they taught about such things; taught how to think critically, will remember this small blip in history. What was not pointed out much was a peculiar principal in the content of this famous document. It had to do with the charging of interest on lending and Christian principles. And this has what to do with Hitler?

The common man; those not involved in the Church Hierarchy and the Royal Houses, have always been referred to as peasants. In 1215, to appease those revolting, the King agreed that the money lenders could only collect the principle on a loan from a deceased person’s wife and family. They would no longer be able to force the collection of the interest on the debt. The peasants were released from an unfathomable burden.

Charging interest has always been against Christian law. It is part of the Holy Bible. It is called Usury, which has been ‘culturally modified’ to now mean excessive interest. No, interest on a loan has always been a forbidden sin, in Christian law. As Jewish people were not Christians they were permitted to lend money at interest.

If you are still with me I would like to engage you in a little experiment. Just so you have a small appreciation of economics when it comes to charging interest.

Imagine we have a very small world economic community, say only 10 people. I am the banker (the eleventh if you will). I lend each of the ten 100 dollars of the total money available. I only have $1000 and I have lent all of it out to ten people insisting that they return the 100 dollars at the end of one year at ten percent interest. Pretty simple really. I want each of the borrowers to return $110 at the end of the year.

The problem is apparent to the intelligent observer. As there is only 1000 dollars in the financial world (in this example) one of the borrowers will absolutely default for the other nine to succeed in returning to me the full debt owed, $110. Bankruptcy and hardship is caused absolutely and completely by the charging of interest on borrowed money. Some go so far as to claim this is the cause of one child dying every second in the world.

The Magna Carta was the common mans attempt to stop this abuse. The King agreed and then repealed his signature as soon as the crowds backed off, claiming he was coerced. The Magna Carta now no longer includes this provision to prohibit the Jewish money lenders from collecting interest, on a loan a dead person made, from the surviving relatives. To repay debts such as these the friends and neighbours would suffer as well. Something those living in the year 1200 knew only too well. Today, 800 years later we need to re-educate the masses.

Oh yeah, Hitler. Sorry, got side tracked for a moment. After the First World War the German nation was ordered to repay all the debts of all the other nations that fought in the war. It was an unusual order of a treaty especially as it has been historically determined Germany did not initiate the First World War. Attempting to meet these demands Germany went bankrupt. They could not borrow money as they were debt burdened and all of the common people were suffering. The classic vision portrayed in popular images today is a wheel barrel of cash to buy a loaf of bread.

So enter this guy named Hitler. He saw this problem and found a very simple solution. He did not have to borrow money at interest from anybody. He was the leader of his country and he could guarantee his money on the authority of the government. As he was running a sovereign government he could print money, which he called labour notes. He backed these notes with the authority of the nation and then he did not need to pay interest to anyone. This one simple move, a Christian move, returned decency to a devastated nation. In three short years the destitute German nation, a people in poverty, starving without any adequate infrastructure, sewers, water, streets and international trade capabilities became a Nation with the very best infrastructure, health and social programs to assist the common people. To get around the money system, the system designed on charging interest, the ‘Nazi’s’ determined they would trade for equal value. Nations all across the globe traded the high quality German products for goods of their own manufacture. The entire interest run ‘screw the common guy’ system, was coming unglued.

Finally, 750 years after the signing of the Magna Carta a government had come to power, a government not run by the Church or the Monarchy, had found a way to provide services to the people, you and me. One that allowed the people to live in comfort and decency, good health and good living without the vultures, not one that did nothing to contribute except take benefits from our hard given, honest efforts.

Today the Second World War is remembered for one thing only, the killing of Jewish peoples in the cruelest of ways. Forgotten is the creation of the new Jewish Nation and the ability of any other Nation to control its own money for the benefit of the common citizen.

I wish in some way the term Fascist would be tempered to mean a person who cared about their fellow man. That Nazi would not be taken up by idiots that shave their heads thinking they understand something, that Hitler would be remembered for his ability to tell the money lenders to take a hike, he was not about to borrow money at interest from anybody. Socialist comes from the word Social, to care about society. Why do we see Socialist as as evil thing?

Money is supposed to be the tool to exchange the value of a mans labour. Not the tool for a manipulative lecherous jerk to abuse the hard sweat equity of a decent man.

Like many instances in history, it is the victors who get to write the story of the event. Today Hitler and his entire regime is remembered for the holocaust and the brutality. I can’t help but think this entire reality was conspired to hide the truth, that the money lenders, those who were so despised in 1215, were so frightened by his successful march to true freedom for the common man, the true benefit of a mans labour, not an ounce stolen by the lecherous money lenders, that they fabricated and facilitated an alternative reality to be taught to successive generations.

Today, anyone attempting to speak positively about Hitler and the German Nation of the 1930’s and early 40’s would be ridiculed, as will be I.

But just for a moment I wonder if truth and reality might escape someone’s lips.

Could Canada’s Prime Minister and BC’s Premier print their own money and replicate Hitlers results, a decent life for all? Absolutely. Will they? Absolutely not. Why? Because the media and the money lenders control almost everything. And they simply demand absolute control over every government; Federal, Provincial and Municipal.

Today we hear about how our governments must balance their books, meet deficit targets, manage credit ratings, etc etc.

All of this is window dressing, something to hide the slime at the edges, pretty up the vision of the outside world.

Hitler got around the obstacles of the world international bankers by bartering with America for the goods and materials each needed. Just like you and I could do.

If you need a cup of sugar or a bag of carrots, I would gladly lend to you the same. I would not expect you to return to me more than one cup of sugar or more than a bag of carrots; that would just be rude. Simple Christian principles.

Same goes for the banking and economic world. Problem is too many want to benefit without contributing. And Hitler has been vilified for standing up against them.

The truth may be stranger than you previously thought.

For me, I am going home to share my time with my loving family, offering my time to help my friends and neighbours enjoy their life too. If I could help you out by lending you anything you need, I would do it gladly, without reservations, and would expect nothing extra in return.

No I am not a church going guy and I have no hate on for anybody. I just thought a little understanding might go a long ways. Being duped, watching others get duped, is my only pet peeve.
Nothing is what it seems.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 17th August 2010
Hitler was a murderous tyrant and yet the Britain, U.S. A. and Canada allied themselves with Joseph Stalin who is suppose to have killed through starvation and execution a modest estimate of about six times as many as Hitler. At the time Stalin and his thugs were in full stride, U.S. President FDR was referring to him as "Uncle Joe."

Only the truth, however unpleasant or inconvenient, prevents us from repeating the mistakes of the past.
Nazi Germany and brutality and murder.
Comment by Darcy Metz on 13th August 2010
I agree with much of what you say here Merv, but any rational person would have to draw the line at defending Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany for any reason. Sure he got his nation's economy rolling at a time when the world was in the Great Depression, but the National Socialists did much more than that: genocide, invasion, sterilization, medical experimentation, brutality, systematic murder of many groups ranging from the physically and mentally handicapped to gypsies, gays, and even free masons.

"Today Hitler and his entire regime is remembered for the holocaust and the brutality. I can’t help but thinking this entire reality was conspired to hide the truth,..." This statement from you is discouraging considering it reeks of historical revisionism, with similar sentiments which are echoed by holocaust deniers. Although it is true that many people will agree with you including some state leaders such as Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

I get frustrated too when I see those hillbillies in the Tea Bagger party down south barking about Obama being, "a Nazi and a Communist and he's also a Muslim who ain't never been borned here." Then I just change the channel to Fox News and Glenn Beck tells me like it really is.
No man is all evil or all good
Comment by Rudi Peters on 11th August 2010
I am with you on this one, why are we so fast to evoke the name of Hilter when Stalin was responsible for the deaths of 60 million and Mao Zedong was responsible for 70 million.

If seminary taught me one thing, it is that even a hieratic has some truth, and the greatest saint has something which could be called heretical.

The one thing I am absolutely convinced of is that we worship at the alter of economics to often praying to the god of greed.

What is it that we can trade?