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COMMENTARY · 11th August 2010
Merv Ritchie
Let’s see, the common guy follows the rules to get justice and stand up for his fellow man and he gets bitch slapped. Well now, how do you think Zalm will proceed?

In my opinion, Bill Vanderzalm and Chris Delaney are not common guys but regardless they are standing up for the common guy, the guy who figures, “screw this, I’m not going to take it any more.” And yet they find themselves facing the judicial circus.

Anyone who has been in court for any matter which involves the government knows the process is absurd. There is no process actually. It is a bunch of guys and gals who know each other too well. A small circle of individuals who decide how things are going to go in the theater called ‘Court’.

Here is the deal.

The voting public was successful. The agreed upon number of signatures was met. The initiative to order/demand a recall of the HST was an unqualified success. But.

A group of six business associations launched a court action against Vanderzalms initiative just before Canada Day. Just as it was appearing that Zalm was going to succeed. The Mining Association of BC is the major party to this challenge. The BC elections officer in charge of acting on the success of Vanderzalm’s initiative stated they would not proceed with the process until this court challenge was heard.

Following the good order of process means waiting for the courts to hear the challenge by the BC mining association.

BC has always had a corrupt Court process. How many Attorney Generals have resigned? How many special prosecutors have been compromised?

And then there is the time duration we must endure. The RCMP raid on the BC legislature regarding drugs, corruption and the sale of BC Rail has yet to be resolved; the case is mired in legal wrangling and the challenges of corrupt legal beagles.

If anyone believes Zalms success will go anywhere, look back at the BC Rail trial. The raid by the RCMP happened on December 28, 2003. The trial and exposure of the corruption is still in the courts.

So are you ready for the truth? Can you handle it? You are a peon and nothing you do or your superiors, who work on your behalf do, will change your futile existence.

Welcome to BC, Fantasy Island. “Fantastic.” Let’s go gamble and give our cash to the Gambino family. Opps I mean the Campbell Family. Oh, what’s the difference?
Sleaze always gravitates to the lowest point.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 12th August 2010
I don't share Merv's pessimism. I think it is all about the Media and an informed electorate would not put up with most of the crap that passes for democracy these days. At least Merv does his part by shaking things up once in a while. If journalism was reporting facts rather than entertainment, if they poked and prodded and asked those unpleasant questions of any government rather than just the governments their publishers disapproved of, we might actually make some improvements. Media is beholden to those who buy advertising and these days the advertisers want to control what people read. There is a good reason for corporate concentration of media. Journalists who once aspired to be the people who investigated, uncovered the truth to set people free, now must worry about hanging on to their jobs.

So Merv plays an important role and their should be more of that. All is not lost. Campbell will be gone soon and the BC Liberal party along with him. Hanging on to the brass ring for dear life, even if it is with the devious help of business cronies, will only entrench the people's anger and the people's thirst for political blood will be satisfied. It won't matter what the Mainstream Media does in the long run.
The people be damned
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 12th August 2010
Now we know why no other MLAs followed Blair Leckstrom. Campbell, true to form, obviously had this stalling technique planned when he filed in court the legallity of the people's Fight HST Initiative. He more than likely convinced his flock that he would protect their jobs and that his will was more important than the will of their constituents.

I was under the impression that Elections B.C. was not under the influence of the government - I guess I was wrong.