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CONTRIBUTION · 17th August 2010
Daniel Parnell
Here is a short story I would like to share with all the drivers I meet in a working day. For a starter, a flagger is out there for the protection of the company that has hired him and to also protect the people that journey through the work site.

We as flaggers have rules that we have to go by and this is why we have those signs on the road. To tell you as a driver, that we are there doing our jobs. When you do a job like this, there are risks and a lot of safety concerns.

Strange when drivers see our signs and us as flaggers standing there, and all you think is that I should maybe slow down. I know myself I would love to see this happen as I have a family at home that I would love to go home too also. The other workers in the site have families too and also want to make it home.

I know the time we make you wait in line-up is inconvenient, but that is the same every where so please be kind. Please slow down, give a simple wave and a smile once in awhile, because if we as flaggers do our jobs correctly, you as a driver and the workers we help protect will get home.

So please slow down and give us a break. It is hot right now and in some time will be cold, it co0uld be raining and slushy, but we are always there for your protection when needed.

Please don't be upset for what is written here because I see it everyday. That is why I'm writing this just as a reminder for everyone what we are there for. Thank you very much!
Well put Daniel...
Comment by Michael on 17th August 2010
I have a great deal of respect for the by-and-large excellent job the flaggers of BC do. They seem to work long hours and must have incredible stamina to stand out in all weather conditions. Keep up the good work and I will be sure to slow down and give a friendly wave.