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CONTRIBUTION · 30th August 2010
Bikewars was a huge success the weather held out for us to be able to race all weekend long in fact it was a perfect year of racing overall no rain and nothing to complain about. We want to thank all of our sponsors for helping make Terrace Drags what they are, we wouldn’t be where we were without you guys!

Eyecandy Custom Cycles out of Smithers stepped up huge for the TDRA this year at Bikewars filling some big shoes and going above and beyond anything we could’ve asked for.

Bikewars was a complete success we had a great turn out for the last race weekend of the year especially with a big scare of rain for the whole weekend. We had over 60 cars and the stands were full of spectators.

We ran a Quick 8 for Bikes only this year with Ian Berrisford taking Top Qualifying spot running the fastest over all for the whole weekend with a 5.29 at 130+ Mph. Seth Harmer took first place in the Quick 8 and Jim Braid took second.

Tanner Daum won the Prince of the YXT in the Jr’s field. Dallas Wiebe makes his mark taking the crown and title for King of the YXT proving to be the most consistent of the day.

Giving the first round knockouts a chance to get back into the racing action we ran a Gamblers field putting his money where his mouth is Logan King took the pot and title of Gamblers champ for the day.

Saturday’s races were very exciting on every front as we battled to finish off out Points series. Some competitors had already sealed the top spots but others were a battle right to the end.

Tanner Daum in his Jr. Dragster just about swept the whole season with Top spot victories proving that he belongs out front leading the pack with 319 points. Delany Ribeiro at 8years old, a new racer this year, took second place for the day solidifying her spot comfortably into third overall with 161 points, and Chris Cook also a first time racer this year at 8years old took third place for the day bumping him into second overall in the points race with 194 points.

For the Bikes and Sleds class Shawn Enmark who couldn’t make bike wars this year managed to just barely hold onto first place overall with 180 points. Johnny 5 (John Symes) chasing hard after that top spot came oh so close in the points with 160 tying with Jim Braid the Super Senior.

For Bikes and Sleds class that day Seth Harmer took 1st place Robin Kilgren trading his truck in for a sled this year took Second and looks to be a fierce competitor taking fourth in the points race after only two races this year on his Polaris 700.

In the Pro Class was Chris Bie taking first for the weekend and solidifying his spot on top of the Points race with 348. Chris proving that he’s a fierce competitor no matter what he’s racing. Second for the weekend was Dana Amado who also finished 4th in the points race. Third place went to Tyler Legros for the weekends points race.

The top spots in the points race goes to Harley Bell taking second with 228 points also managed to catch a perfect light 5.00 winning the Dave Kester Memorial “perfect light award” and Doug Mcphadyen taking third with 207 points.

Super Pro was anybody’s game with Kris Barnett sitting in Top spot with 201 points before the start of the weekend, Clint Dalla vecchia chasing behind with 168 points and Tony Demelo just behind that with 136 points.

First off the weekends winners were Harold Daumont “finally getting that monkey off his back” running insanely good all day long dialled in with a 6.63 and only missing that mark once with a 6.66 moving him into third place in the points race finishing with 188 points bumping Tony Demelo to fourth with 178 points. Second place over the weekend going to Bruce Daum who started off the weekend in fourth overall with 125 points moving into 2nd place with 189 points to end the season off. Terry Frizzel took 3rd for the weekends points race.

Kris Barnett managed to hold onto the top spot in the points race after getting knocked out after the first round finishing with 232 total points the racing gods seemed to favour him as the two guys that had a chance to take that top spot didn’t have the best of luck.

Clint Dalla vecchia had motor problems that couldn’t get resolved in time knocking him out of the competition and Tony Demelo catching uncharacteristic lights had to run perfect as he was running against Harold Daumont who was running perfect almost all day long, ended up catching a 5.03 light and running a 6.63 against Demelo to move onto the finals and take first. Kham Shantz also managed to win the perfect light award during bracket racing.

Again the TDRA would like to thank all the fans whom we love to thrill, all our sponsors for helping out in big big ways, especially the Thornhill Fire department who we couldn’t race without and the Terrace/Kitimat Regional airport for helping us keep it off the streets and on the track!!

See you next year!