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CONTRIBUTION · 1st September 2010
Courtenay Kelliher
If you are like me, you take one look at the "Warning: Bears May Be In Area" signs at the Ferry Island trail and think, "Okay, that's been up there for almost 2 months now, no sweat" and continue on your merry way.

I am writing this to inform the general public that indeed there are bears on Ferry Island right now. We saw two young bears tonight and when we reported them to the caretakers, we were told that there are in fact FIVE bears on Ferry Island and that sightings are being reported every day.

I have encouraged the caretakers to place a dated sign at the trailheads so that people like me actually take the signs seriously. The bears were non-aggressive but we were a fairly large group; I would be worried for any young children, small dogs or single walkers on the trail.

Please, be cautious when out on Terrace's fabulous nature trails this fall and remember that we share the area with wildlife.

And...Don't Feed The Bears!
Comment by M Johnson on 1st September 2010
Okay. Now, I'm freaked.

I don't care if a sign is dated or not...but when I come across a sign that says "Bears in area"...I'm outta there faster than the Olympic Team in a 100 yard dash! Let's just say there would be no way I would wait around to check the date on the sign.

So, thanks for the heads up, Courtenay. Your subject line immediately caught my attention by being short and informative. It was so kind of you to take the time to alert the rest of the Community. Thank you for that:)

It's just that my young daughter & weenie poochie often frequent that Island. Maybe now that you've alerted the Community that the bears have arrived, we'll head over to the Library Park for our outings (thanks to the RCMP who have been working hard in that infamous "Red Zone").

'Just that in all her young years on this planet to date, I have refused to bring my daughter to the Library park prior to the increased RCMP patrols in that area because I was not convinced it was a safe place for me, let alone my child. Currently (thanks to the efforts of our local RCMP), we feel safe for the first time ever, to frequent that area.

The Library park looks great these days - open concept; eye pleasing; and most importantly...patrolled. But, as a reminder to pet owners: dogs need to remain on leashes in that area...and dog owners are to pick up their precious pet(s)'

Thanks for your closing comment, Courtenay. "Don't feed the bears!" Home owners: kindly clean up your yards/fruit trees, BBQ's, etc during this time of year. And shift workers...I understand it's hard pulling shiftwork and that at times you must pull domestic chores pro-actively. But, if you are able...please do your best not to put out garbage out on the schtreet the night before pick up. It's more of a lure to the bears as opposed to leaving the cans in the back yard or carport during the night. Keeping garbage "hidden" decreases the noise of dogs going nutso barking all night long at the bears scrounging for free food at the end of neighbors' driveways. And it helps keep bears away from the locals; lest they injure a person or are killed as a result of their repeated offenses.

'Hope everyone has a safe day:)